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UPDATE - Reports of Mass Arrests Targeting D.C. Pedophilia Rings, Discussions on Days of Darkness, Possible Help from Galactics Expected

The recent reports of Kent Dunn and Gary Larrabee have been some of the most progressive we have heard. Many of these reports come to us with either validation from numerous other sources, or with at least a strong possibility of likelihood based upon historical events. Whatever the level of corroboration we receive from these updates, these accounts have certainly been exciting to hear.

One striking consistency we find within many of the practical reports from Dunn is that they run parallel to some of the more well-known researchers of our time. The reports from David Wilcock, Dr. Michael Salla, Corey Goode, Cobra, and various reports from Benjamin Fulford line up quite well with Dunn's intel. Plus, as mentioned before, all of these people have received heavy trolling and ridicule by those who seem to have been paid to attack and/or discredit them.

Democrats Drag Out Jeff Sessions’ Confirmation Fight

Not only does much of Dunn's intel run parallel with that of other researchers, but numerous aspects of these reports are consistent with historical accounts of global progress of ancient Earth civilizations. As we will see, many of the accounts from religious texts may even refer to the events we are currently experiencing.

Kent Dunn: Arrests Set For 70 Powerful Ones

Religion vs. Historical Significance

As always, I advise the audience to forgo wholly accepting the religious aspects of these reports and focus more upon the practical information we can learn from them. Though there is much to study on the specific interpretations of various religious texts, it is the historical significance of these accounts that we are most concerned with.

My perspective on religion is that it can be helpful as long as a person is grounded and centered energetically, and fully respectful of their own power. The problem with Christianity is that the first requirement of every practitioner is that they completely give up their power to a proposed deity. This may sound normal and good for anyone who practices orthodox religion. However, we may want to note that according to reliable, non-religious sources, positive beings never demand us to give up our free will for any reason.

Illuminating the Templars and the Maltese Cross – Surprising Correlations between the Photon and Numerous Historical Symbols

One of the major commonalities among the benevolent ETs is that they allow us as humans (and all 3rd-density beings) to determine our own destiny. If these beings were to come down and offer us wonderful things in exchange for the entirety of our free will, we would most likely resist. This is exactly how the Draco and negative beings in general gain control over a planet. This surrendering of free will is one of many commonalities between Christianity and Illuminati Luciferianism.

We may also want to note the extensive distortion which the Cabal has infused into virtually every major world religion up to present day. As we may have discovered, the Cabal did this in an attempt to prevent humanity from waking up and escaping their control. Unfortunately, this is a concept which many religious practitioners miss. Many of these world religions required practitioners to have blind faith in whatever their doctrine commands. Consequently, the thought to question and to learn the truth of free will never occurs to them.

The Succession of the Templars – Ancient Wisdom, Myth, and Distortion – Navigating the Journey from History to Modern Times

Many may not realize this, but the Cabal's distorted belief system and Christianity may actually come from the exact same place. The mythical account of Mithra and his 12 disciples (which predates that of Christ) runs parallel with that of Jesus and his disciples. It may very well be that the actual man Yeshua was fictitiously superimposed over the Luciferian character Mithra so as to convince Christians to worship Mithra (as well as other pagan deities) without them realizing it.

Revelation Revelation

If the biblical account of the Tribulation is accurate, the concept could be taken in a number of ways. Darkness or the darkening of the sun may refer to a literal event. Then again, it could be something else. This darkening could be some type of new revelation which is so profound that it overshadows everything we have previously encountered. All of our attention may be diverted from everything we have thus far considered important, and fixed upon this event (or series of events).

UPDATE - Intel from Retired Sergeant Clifford Stone, CIA-Based Fake News on YouTube, Siberian Cooperation with ET Disclosure Efforts, and More

This darkening of the sun may also mean that the coming time will be one of confusion and uncertainty for many people. For some it could be the unveiling of amazing developments on planet Earth, but these developments may be invisible to those who have not put forth the effort to understand the aspects of higher consciousness. In this way, the event may be a two-fold shift depending upon our personal level of growth and development.

If this darkening actually refers to physical darkness of our sky, this would be quite the experience. If we were to consider what might cause such an event to take place, a number of possibilities come to mind. It might occur if the benevolent ETs decide to park one of their spherical, planet-sized ships between the Earth and sun. It may also occur if the sun dims in preparation for its coronal, energetic belch. Let's look at the actual text which describes these events. This passage is from Revelation 12-14 and comes from Bible

12 I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, 13 and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. 14 The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.

There seems to be a lot to chew on here. This passage gives what seems to be a figurative explanation of some type of celestial event. It is clear that the author does not necessarily have a scientific understanding, but does their best to describe of a psychic vision. If this is a true account, this could be quite significant.

Let me preface this description by saying I do not at all think that any planetary destruction is in our future. I find it much more likely that the individual who had this vision was viewing the occurrences of one particular timeline (or possibly the past).

We have the darkening of the sun, the discoloration of the moon, bright/star-like objects falling from the sky, the sky being rolled up in some way, and the mountains and islands being significantly shifted from their places. This may sound like quite an intense event, but what could it actually mean?

These descriptions seem to be consistent with the occurrences which might take place during a planetary pole shift. When the sun becomes black and the moon becomes red, this seems to refer to the skies being filled with so much volcanic ash and debris that the sun is darkened and the only moonlight that is seen is filtered such that only the shades of red shine through. The stars falling to the ground would not be actual stars, but could be a description of red hot pyroclastic rocks falling from erupting volcanoes.

We should also note that the black sun may be in reference to an occult symbol. This symbol of the black sun was more recently familiarized by Nazi neopaganism in the 1940s. As we may know, the Vril Society held beliefs about the solar system which date back to the ancient civilization of Sumer. The Vrils believed that the refugees who came to Earth after their own super-Earth was destroyed. These beings were known as the Elohim and were extremely negative and war-like. The Elohim brought their knowledge to the ancient civilization of Sumer, and are believed to be the beings who originally inspired the pagan religion of Luciferianism

The description of every mountain and island being shifted from its place seems to be most indicative of a pole shift. If the Earth's crust shifted significantly while the mantle below it remained put, this could explain the volcanoes as well as the shifting of the mountains and islands. Also, the distinction between mountains and islands might refer to the lands and the seas shifting from their places, which would cause massive flooding, tsunamis, etc. This explains every aspect of this passage with the exception of one. That is the clouds being rolled up like a scroll. We may find this explanation with an addition to the phenomenon of the pole shift.

The End of the Previous Age

According to the Hopi prophecies, we as Earth humanity must make the choice between a global restoration and renascence beyond our wildest dreams, or an experience of global devastation. According to these and similar prophecies from around the world, both events would be caused by a combination of natural celestial cycles and benevolent ET intervention. It is this ET intervention where the last element of the biblical passage may be explained.

ENDGAME II: The Antarctic Atlantis and Ancient ET Ruins

The recent excavation of Antarctic ruins is reported to have revealed the truth of what took place at the end of the Earth's last 26,000-year cycle. According to the evidence found, there was an advanced civilization on the Earth at the time until some global disaster destroyed it entirely. From the evidence as well as the ancient accounts, this event included what appeared to be a pole shift combined with a solar event, and ET intervention.

It was concluded that the speed at which the continent froze was too quick to have been caused by natural freezing alone. It appeared that some type of massive event caused the continent of Antarctica to be exposed to the vacuum and extreme sub-zero temperatures of space. According to intelligence from David Wilcock, this is the conclusion the covert scientific expedition came to.

If such an event were caused artificially, it may have involved some advanced space-based weapon with the capability to blow away a portion of an atmosphere. According to numerous accounts, this destruction was caused by positive ETs and was intended to destroy the excessively negative inhabitants of Antarctic continent at the time. If these accounts are true, they might explain the final detail from the passage in Revelation.

David Wilcock on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church - December 19, 2016

With these things in mind, I should stress that I do not think these events will transpire in the same way as they are reported to have occurred roughly 26,000 years ago. In fact, if the biblical account in the book of revelation is congruent with that of other ancient texts, this would mean that the account is not actually about the future or our present, but about the past. Thought it may represent a potential future, I do not see this happening on this particular timeline.

The reason I say this is because (1) we are in complete control of what takes place on our planet according to multiple benevolent sources, and (2) we as Earth humanity are far too positively oriented  to necessitate the global disasters we read about from ancient texts. Though we have a small group of cabalists to deal with, this Cabal only represents the stark minority on our planet. By my observation, it is only a matter of time before this once significant group becomes little more than a dwindling memory.

I also do not believe that we are at the mercy of some outside power enforcing some type of judgment upon us. According to every ancient source which talks of these events (primarily those that have escaped the distortion of orthodox religion), we as the human race control every aspect of these events by our collective free will.

Last Gasp of the Cabal

One of the major goals of recent propaganda has been to convincing the people to ignore the suffering of others—specifically children. Most of us realize that the issue of Pizzagate represents a very real problem in modern society. We realize that the corporate media has been deliberately avoiding the subject by the orders of their Cabal controllers, and that the rampant epidemic of global child trafficking, serial pedophilia, and satanic rape and murder must be exposed and stopped in their tracks.

Most of us are able to look at these issues as the serious problems they are. However, some have allowed themselves to be convinced to blindly ignore them. Instead many of these people have been conditioned to serve their own ego and to ridicule those who show concern for the potential victims of these crimes. This, I believe, was the intent behind the Pizzagate censorship and ridicule. This was one of many ways by which the Cabal convinced the people to serve themselves, to hide their heads in the sand and to pretend that the serious problems which plague our world did not exist.

Yet despite the apathy of some, it seems that the issue of pedophilia is progressively being exposed and eliminated at increasing rates. This represents extremely positive progress toward our global liberation, I believe. Like Kent Dunn, I feel excited to hear that these types of developments toward breakthrough are so frequently taking place.

I picture a world where there is no Cabal, in which we can grow and progress without any hindrance whatsoever. We would be able to satisfy every curiosity, learn any lesson we wished, and do anything that we chose as long as our actions respect the free will of others. In such a world, anything would be possible. In fact, I envision a world in which the Cabal never even existed, where freedom, growth and expansion are the universal norm.

We are completely capable of manifesting this world—not some day in the future, but right here and now. I am excited to see our progress toward creating this world together.
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