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Pedogate: High-Profile Pedophiles Arrested In Latest Pizzagate Busts; Corporate Media Remains Dead Silent - Video, Links and Commentary

The number of pedophilia-related arrests that have taken place in just the first two months of 2017 is staggering. The saga which has been dubbed Pedogate (or Pizzagate) continues to unfold with hundreds of arrests, sting operations, and large-scale reform in law enforcement.

Report after report has come forward revealing the very real issue of wide-spread and highly organized pedophilia and human trafficking operations in the United States, even at official levels. Yet even with all of these developments, we still have yet to realize just how significant the problem truly is.

We may have heard of the cases of the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who—after her term of office ended—was found to have been protecting serial pedophiles in positions of government. We may have also heard of the American tragedy known as the Franklin Cover-up, in which high-profile pedophiles from government and the corporate world used young victims as sex slaves on a regular basis at the Boys Town Children's Home in Franklin, Nebraska.

Not one of the thousands of young victims of these crimes ever saw justice for their victimhood. Just as in modern times, the crimes committed against these children at Boys Town and in Britain in the 1980s (now adults) were covered up and forgotten. Even when a few of the victims attempted to come forward and report these crimes years later, they were threatened and thrown in prison merely for speaking out.
The situation at Boys Town revealed the dark underbelly of American government. From this travesty, we learned that certain interests in government will do anything to protect high-profile pedophiles from facing justice. That was in the 1970s and 80s. Yet there has never been any thorough investigation into this horrendous tragedy.

The allegations of child rape, Satanism, torture and murder were just as serious then as they are now. The question is, "Do we have enough sense to actually listen to our children now, or will we simply choose to forget what we hear for the sake of our own comfort?"

We have seen stories of adoption agencies found to be selling children as slaves, child protective services deliberately allowing children to be used for sex, and even university personnel pimping out minors as gifts. Though heart-wrenching, these are all true and real stories that must be realized in order to be dealt with justly.
In 2016 and early 2017, the mainstream media seems to have embodied suspicious and yet familiar disregard for child safety. In recent times when all of these massive pedophilia busts are taking place, the corporate media has been completely silent about the issue altogether. It is almost as though they are deliberately avoiding the news instead of reporting it.

Amid the continual revelations and apparent corporate media blackout, we have numerous independent researchers documenting the entirety of these investigations and disclosures. These are online personalities who have diligently reported on these issues. Yet these individuals have been ridiculed by corporate and social media companies simply for attempted to assure the safety of children. Instead of being praised and assisted, these researchers were hindered by virtually every corporate source under the blind assertion that they were promoting "fake news."

At the same time, many mainstream news agencies have attempted to distract the public with the latest drama surrounding the Trump presidency. Is it just my observation, or does something smell foul?
It used to be that virtually every corporation held at least a facade of humanitarian interests. In years past, any and every opportunity to promote an honest and reputable front was thoroughly utilized by corporate media. However, now most major news sources have either remained completely silent or they have deliberately launched shaming campaigns against those who show these concerns for potential child victims. What happened?

It seems like the appearance of care and concern of mainstream media has been perverted and changed into something else. Where there was once humanitarian appearances, we now see blatant disregard for the well-being of children. We have also seen virtually every attempt of promoting inflammatory rhetoric by corporate media for the sake of division and distraction of the people.

Whatever the reasoning behind these unfortunate changes in corporate media, it does not appear that we will have to deal with these distortions much longer. The alternative media has taken up the rains in reporting the news, and it is only a matter of time before the rest of the people leave the corporate script behind permanently.

As of right now, the story of the unfolding pedophilia scandal is in the hands of the people, where it belongs. The investigation has also been left to the people, and it now appears that finally, law enforcement is answering the call as well. These authorities have defied the apparent cover-ups of years past and worked to give relief to the young victims of these heinous crimes.

The first two months of the Trump presidency have been dramatic and difficult for many to endure. However, this one positive aspect among the difficulties has been monumentally beneficial to us all.

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Source: Neon Nettle

Published: February 19, 2017

By: Jay Greenberg

Photo: Pedogate: High-Profile Pedophiles Arrested In Latest Pizzagate Arrests - Includes politician, doctor, high-level attorney and army colonel 

The high profile pedophile arrests include a politician, doctor, attorney and army colonel. A dozen high-profile arrests have been made in the latest child sex sting that includes a politician, doctor, high-ranking attorney and an army colonel.

Florida Police conducted the operation that targetted pedophiles that were preying on children for sex, with FDLE special agent Mark Perez, saying in a statement to the press; 

“If you prey on our children, we will find you and arrest you.” 

This has been the latest in a long line of pedophile and child sex trafficking busts that have been sweeping across the US since Jeff Sessions was sworn in as the Attorney General.

A United States Department of Homeland Security official confirmed this week that Pizzagate, or Pedogate as they refer to it, is 100% real and is being investigated as we speak.

The DHS insider also confirmed that the spate of low-level arrests has been part of a strategy to dismantle the pedophile network infrastructure and gather intel in preparation for the coming high-level Washington D.C. arrests.
Tallahassee Democrat reports: One, Michael Chmielewski, was the manager of the Florida House of Representatives page and messenger program who oversaw hundreds of teenagers each legislative session since he was hired in 2012. Another was, Dayton Cramer, a retired Army colonel and high-ranking attorney with Florida State University, while another was a retired doctor from Washington State who investigators say was a documented child predator.

What they all had in common was when they made contact with someone they thought was a teen, in reality, they were communicating through email, text, chat rooms and internet ads with undercover officers.

The cases developed out of the sting by the Internet Crimes Against Children task force run by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and other local agencies.

It delivered a clear message, said Mark Perez, FDLE special agent in charge of the Tallahassee Regional Operations Center.

“If you prey on our children, we will find you and arrest you,” Perez said during a press conference at FDLE’s Tallahassee headquarters.

He said during the week-long sting, 19 different law enforcement agencies made eight arrests in the Tallahassee area and took four people into custody near Lake City.

Some of the 12 already were suspects in obscenity cases involving children. Arrests were being made as recently as Thursday when the press conference was held, Perez said.

“While most adults online immediately stop communicating with these investigators,” he said. “Once they believed they were children, the 12 suspects arrested during the operation only became more interested.” 

CONFIRMATION - Visible Progress toward Massive Pedophilia Ring Take-downs - Videos, Links, and Commentary

There is no race, age or demographic that defines a sexual predator, Perez said. But the demographics represented in the arrests this week show how prevalent seeking sexual involvement with minors has become. 

Among the men arrested is William Hall, a former clinical director of the Indian Health Services unit in Colville, Washington. Hall was a documented sexual predator in Washington, FDLE officials confirmed Thursday.

He, like the other 11 arrested in Operation Cupid’s Arrow, traveled to meet a person he thought was a young teen girl, a 14-year-old by the name of Sara.

The 64-year-old made contact with undercover officers using the online persona “Naughty Boy,” court records said. He made sexual references with the “girl” and traveled to meet the minor to have sex when he was arrested.

Hall retired in 2013 from his position as a doctor in Washington following an investigation by the Washington Department of Health. He was accused of making unwanted advances on several female patients. Hall’s address was listed in West Palm Beach.

Facebook Executive Arrested for Soliciting Sex from a Minor - Links and Commentary

The arrests, primarily the high-ranking FSU attorney and House page program manager, drew the attention of state senator and advocate for child sexual abuse Lauren Book.

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