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David Seaman - Update, Whereabouts and Partial Correction on Pizzagate Censorship - Video, Links, and Commentary

By now, those of us who are keeping current with the developing story of pedophilia disclosures have heard about the recent cancellation of various accounts of the YouTube'er, David Seaman. Seaman has been one of the key figures researching the issues of Pedogate/Pizzagate and has endured a significant amount of blowback against his reports ever since his initial coverage of the topic.

In the previous article, I gave details on the numerous character attacks and instances of slander from corporate sources that Seaman has endured. However, there was one detail that was missed.

Pedogate Researcher, David Seaman, Ruthlessly Attacked by Twitter, YouTube, BuzzFeed and Other Corporate Protectors of Pedophilia - Video, Links, and Commentary

It was revealing to learn that it was not actually YouTube that took David's channel down as it appeared. At the time, the attempt by YouTube to silence him as they had before seemed plausible, considering all of the other attacks he was experiencing at the time. David has also reported in the past that Twitter actually blocked his account, and demanded that he refrain from speaking negatively about certain personalities at CNN.

These instances appeared to be blatant acts of unethical censorship, as they closely resemble fascist control tactics to restrict free speech. Fortunately, this time these tactics were not the reason for David's channel going dark.
David Seaman - Pizzagate Slander Response

It is good to hear that David is healthy and well, and taking a much-needed vacation at the moment. Along with the need to relax and recuperate, there may be a specific reason as to why Seaman was asked to stop reporting for a time.

As David comments, there were certain people in the connected community that convinced him to leave the subject of Pizzagate alone for a certain period. Seeing that this seasoned journalist has been significantly motivated thus far in disclosing the reality of Pizzagate, it seems interesting that he has chosen to give the subject a rest.

Pizzagate Goes Mainstream - Ben Swann on 'Reality Check' - Video, Links and Commentary

It seems very likely that due to the positive progress we have witnessed thus far in the systematic roundup of pedophiles nationwide, that something is definitely in the works behind the scenes. It may be that operational security is the primary reason as to why this persistent journalist has chosen to lay low on the subject.

If this is true and there are significant developments going on behind the scenes, this could be a very good thing. We may remember that this was one of the theories as to why we saw Ben Swann—host of the NBC series Reality Check—taking his channel offline. This came almost immediately after doing his ground-shaking expose on the story behind Pizzagate. Together these occurrences could telegraph some significant revelations in the near future.

Whatever is taking place in the background, we can all agree that these are extremely interesting events to witness. As stated in the previous update, it is up to each of us to continue to educate ourselves and to envision the greatest possible outcome for this entire situation. This is how we will see true justice and freedom fulfilled.

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And now, here is a special message from David Seaman and Fulcrum News.

* * * * *

Source: Fulcrum News

Published: February 27, 2017

By: David Seaman

I got the word I would be attacked a lot this week. "Character assassination."

Let them do it. Let them say whatever they want. I helped get the word out in time, and that changes history. Fake News corporate media, owned by the people who lost the election, does not represent truth or knowledge or wisdom.

I just don't want to see it. I'm somewhere safe and will return to my usual media schedule next week sometime. It is tedious to reply to their made-up theories about me. They use the same playbook all the time- it's called Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals."

#PizzaGate - What We Know So Far - Video, Links, and Commentary

I don't recommend you read it. It will lower your energy level; it's a book about manipulating people and breaking people, rather than healing through love and insight. But, of course, many in the political class are still operating out of that old paradigm where they need to break and harm us, bend us to their will. I opt out of that paradigm, as should each of you.

Anyone with half a mind knows I did not go through what I went through over the last 4 months to promote an out of print Internet marketing textbook I wrote 9 years ago. Anyone with a half a heart knows I did not become one of the first US journalists to call out the ring's child trafficking in order to make money from a gold company's affiliate program. And anyone who is a friend knows I do not like George Soros. I've read his books, he has a legendary financial mind (or did until recently), and he has used his wealth and power to make our world less safe, less beautiful, and more fear-based.

That's not acceptable. Ironically, some of the groups calling me a Soros shill are likely financed by him. Why do that? Well, it's in Rules for Radicals- these are not nice people.

Reports: Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner Facing Child-Porn Charges

As for my YouTube, the videos have been deleted for legal reasons. I will be able to discuss this more next week, when I return to my regular public schedule.

God bless you all and thank you for being people of great integrity, people who aren't swayed by the flicker of dishonest people on TV and dishonest bloggers at Buzzfeed and elsewhere.

A new world is ahead. Not a new world order, as they intended. A free world.

Read more at: FulcrumNews.com
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