Friday, November 25, 2016

Update on the Cabal Takedown - Earthquakes and Lightning Storms Reported to Be Side Effects of Attacks on Underground Bases

As of this month of November, it seems that progress toward planetary liberation has hit the fast lane.  Each time we turn around, we are faced with new information on progress toward the monumental changes we have been waiting for.  Along with this information, we have the challenge of discerning just which sources and details to trust.  Though it may be a challenge to do so, this task of discernment is a part of the process, and helps prepare us for the changes we desire to see.

This update includes another interview with Kent Dunn—the insider who brought us the previous information surrounding the strange forest fires in the American South.  It seems that as these events transpire, we are made aware of just how intricate the Cabal's network of control has been.

Sphere Being Alliance - A Short Update from Corey Goode - Thoughts on Recent Intel - Links and Commentary

The complexity of the underground network of bases and transportation systems becomes more and more evident as time goes on.  These criminals seem to have quite a contingency plan in place in the event that their plans of world domination/destruction failed.  As of this moment, it seems that their failure is almost complete.

Kent Dunn Gives Us Update on White Hats Fight against Cabal

This information can be pretty exciting to hear.  We should know that as we hear these details, these operation have been ongoing.  This means that the element of surprise has been used to the advantage of the Alliance forces attacking the Cabal bases.  As the situation develops, these tactics may continually change.  As in any game of American football, both teams are guided by an ever-changed list of plays planned out by coordinators. If applied well, these plans will always catch the other team off guard. The present situation reveals that virtually none of the Cabal's plans are working, and that no matter what they attempt, the Alliance always has the upper hand.

As usual, the mainstream news gives only pieces of the situation to the public.  In this case, sources such as CNN and The Guardian report massive storms and earthquakes in the vicinity of these reported attacks on Cabal bases.  Whatever is occurring, we can always hope and focus on achieving the best possible outcome.

Massive Pedophilia Scandals

There are numerous signs that this Cabal is out of time and being opposed from all sides.  We have seen the unsettling revelations come forward on the massive pedophilia scandal known as Pizzagate. This unfolding scandal of an international network of child slaves—which has been found to involve kidnapping, child rape, torture and murder—could easily be considered one of the largest scandals in American history.  It can be maddening to learn that such horrible things have been going on for decades without any resistance from law enforcement or the people.  However, the light is now being shed on these dark corners of society.

Financial Corruption

We have seen financial collapses and massive economic crimes come to the forefront of the media. Even mainstream sources have been left with little choice than to report on these unfortunate truths of financial corruption at the highest levels.   Banks such as Deutshe Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Wells Fargo have been made to pay astronomical fines for their crimes. Though the charges against these banks are only the beginning, the revelation of these crimes marks a turn in history.  These time will likely be remember as the moment when global Cabal money laundering was brought to the attention of the general population.

Attack on Clean Water

There is also the developing story of the Standing Rock Sioux of North Dakota.  As we have heard, these innocent Natives have been fighting for not only their own right to exist, but for the rights of all of us to clean water.  We may have learned by this point that the water they have been fighting to protect is the main freshwater source for millions of Americans (the largest in the country).  They have known this for a long time, and this is why they have chosen to protect this water—not simply for their own sake, but for all of us.

The strange part about the whole Dakota Access pipeline project is that current oil demand is notably low, and there is little or no financial need for such a project.  However, there is a significant reason as to why the Energy Transfer Partners have militarized unethical law enforcement and attacked these peaceful Natives for months on end.

We have seen the travesty which unfolded in Flint, Michigan in 2014.  We may also be aware of the situation in Crystal City, Texas where dozens of corrupt politicians were arrested.  Both of these cases revealed clear signs of deliberate water contamination for their cities' water supply.  Seeing that these two situations were in such close proximity to one another, I find it very unlikely that these incidents were accidental.  These looked to be deliberate acts of sabotage  paid for by unknown parties (who were likely Cabal members), and executed by corrupt politicians.

BREAKING - Millions Watch as Water Cannons, Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas, Concussion Grenades Being Used on Peaceful Protectors

It is very likely that we will find the same extent of corruption in the North Dakota State Government as we have in Flint and Crystal City. These acts look to be the desperate tactics of a crumbling Cabal that is so angry that they could not control the world, that they are doing everything they can to ruin it for the rest of us.  (It may also be that companies such as Nestle plan to profit off of bottled water once the nation's natural supply was severely contaminated.)

Information Control

Perhaps one of the most telling signs of the Cabal's waning power structure is in what we might refer to as the War on Fake News.  This supposed effort from Washington, from mainstream media, and Facebook seem to be little more than a last-ditch effort to control the information that is exposing the Cabal for what they truly are.

REVEALED - The Real Fake News List - A List of Mainstream News Sources with a History of Dishonesty

We are learning more and more every day.  Yet the Cabal controlled media is doing everything they can to twist the truth, all while claiming to be focused on maintaining accuracy.  These false news reporters twist every story, using Donald Trump as a scapegoat while ignoring the true cause of the massive societal issues which existed long before he did.  In so doing, they prevent to public from awakening further to the problems the Cabal has caused for nearly a century of time.  (Of course I say this knowing that Trump has enough issues.  However, blaming him for absolutely everything that goes wrong solves nothing, but only sustains the problems we face.  Negative begets negative.)

Four Unicorn Riot Journalists Face Charges for Covering #NoDAPL - Links and Commentary Included

The revelations of the Clinton Foundation's ties to the massive pedophilia ring have been some of the most detrimental revelations the world has seen on Cabal corruption.  Even as Facebook and Reddit attempt to cover up these investigations and prevent their users from learning more about them, there seems to be no stopping the American people from finding the truth.  Eventually, we the people will have our complete body of evidence.  We will attain the provable answers we have so diligently sought after, and then we will have justice.

The End of Secrecy

The road to the full disclosure of Cabal crimes has been interesting and eye-opening. There has been much progress thus far, but the journey has only begun.  We have the task of unmasking every crime these people and their cronies have committed in the name of maintaining secrecy.  Why is this important?  Because we have seen the extent of the cost of this secrecy.  The countless lives of innocent children who have been raped tortured and many times, ritualistically murdered are a testament to the importance of transparency in government.

5 Times Corporate Media Got Caught Publishing Fake News Causing the Death & Suffering of Millions

There are many who would rather ignore the possibilities of these crimes against humanity.  Some would rather turn their back on child slavery than they would change the way they think about those they once respected.  This type of selective ignorance is no way to change our world for the better.  If we truly care what is true, we will do whatever we need to in order to face the world no matter how unpleasant it might be.  This is the only way we can ensure peace, freedom, and prosperity for our planet.

Secrecy has been kept for nearly a century based on the idea that the general population couldn't handle the truth. Our goal is to prove them wrong, and to prove ourselves mature and honest enough to face the truth within our world so that we can take steps to change it for the better.  Considering our current situation and the issues and opportunities we have, I would say it's about time.

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