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Into the Realm of the Ancient – Progressing to Our Present-Day Knowledge of the Inner World of Venus

The details of the recent accounts of Corey Goode seem extremely alien, but at the same time it seems very possible that these accounts are highly accurate. The past testimonies given by Goode have proven to be verifiable and true to the documentation of other veterans who also worked in the Secret Space Program. This leads us to the possibility that the expanding body of information we have on the planet Venus is accurate as well.

Along with this growing collection of data, I find the progression of events particularly interesting.  There have been many science fiction movies with similar themes as the accounts we have heard on Venus. (These films may have actually represented some form of soft disclosure.) Within these story lines, there is typically a situation in which the hero ventures into an ancient ruin to find a priceless gift which could benefit humanity in tremendous ways. The gift is initially appreciated to some degree, but its true worth isn't typically realized until later on. This story line seems to relate fairly closely with our present situation and the experiences of Corey Goode.

This journey from Earth to Venus has been one of extreme intrigue (as well as perplexion, at times). Within it, we find numerous foreign, and yet somehow familiar relics of the past which may give us clues to our current state of affairs. As for the gift these experiences might offer, I will leave its discovery up to you, the reader. On this subject, here is the excerpt of interest from the recent revelations from Corey Goode and the Cosmic Disclosure series.

Corey: And this time, she took us to Venus. They took us to Venus. And this time the trip was like 10 minutes. It was much quicker than the last one.

David: Huh.

Corey: And we stopped at just about the same position we did before, and we paused there for a little bit, and she was sitting there like she was doing something in her mind. And then she said, “Okay, we're cleared. Are you ready?”

And I said, “Yeah, about as ready as I'm going to be.”

David: Were there any craft in the atmosphere at that time?

Corey: No. The only thing that was showing up on the Anshar technology, it looked like an asteroid and debris with it that was far out in Venus' atmosphere, caught in its gravitational field.

David: Interesting. Okay.

Corey: So once I indicated that I was ready, we headed towards Venus at a super high rate of speed, punching through the thick clouds. I barely could perceive yellowish color, we went through them so fast.

And then we stopped about 1,000 feet [305 meters] above the ground, and I was looking around, and I saw this terrain that looked like it had been eroded by lots of wind and rain, sort of like you would see in Earth. They looked like they used to be mountains going up that had eroded away, and they looked almost like people. It looked almost carved by an intelligent hand.

So I was noticing that, when all of a sudden the ceiling and the floor went transparent, just as it had done in our Antarctic reconnaissance flight.

David: Right.

Corey: And I looked down, and I could see the big, giant, H-shaped building sitting inside this crater.

David: Hmm.

Corey: And we were close enough to it where I could see there was a line that went across . . . Like here was the H, a line went all the way across it that divided it into basically two buildings.

David: Hm.

Corey: And we were sitting there, and I saw down at the bottom a flash that we could see through the technology. Once that occurred, we went down at a very high rate of speed.

David: Are you feeling acceleration?

Corey: No. I couldn't feel any inertia, but my mind was, I guess, playing tricks on me, and I felt that falling feeling you get in your stomach.

David: Hm.

Corey: But I wasn't feeling any inertia. And we stopped at the bottom, and the sheer size of these two buildings that were . . . They weren't connected. There's nothing I could compare them to.

David: So these buildings you're saying are colossal in size.

Corey: Yeah, bigger than anything . . . There's nothing I could compare them to, man-made-wise.

David: Would you say they were miles in height?

Corey: Miles.

David: Really?

Corey: It was HUGE!

David: Did they have a sculpted appearance? Did they look like they were made out of something . . .

Corey: Flat.

David: So it was a flat, kind of sharp-edged structure.

Corey: Right. Right.

In reading these descriptions, we may keep in mind how the beings who built these structures were extremely advanced in technology. They were also excessively tall in comparison to us. This might explain the representation of some of the ancient visitors to Earth being several feet taller than the rest of humanity. This is not to suggest that all ancient visitors were from Venus, but simply to offer the possibility that some works of ancient art might be based on encounters with these beings. The conversation continues.

David: How neat and finished did it look? Did it look broken down and degraded?

Corey: Yeah, it looked ancient.

David: Okay. Wow!

Corey: And weathered. We shot down to the bottom where we saw the flash, and when I was looking up, I could barely see the top of the building.

David: Wow!

Corey: It was huge. We flew inside this cavern down at the bottom, and we landed in the area where Gonzales had gone before. It was kind of like a grotto area that wasn't extremely large. The walls were glistening as if there was, I don't know, some sort of crystalline nature to 'em.

David: Hm.

Corey: And there were two things similar to obelisks on either side of . . . Okay, there was a door here, a huge door going into the larger part of the cavern. The Anshar craft was here, and then there was an obelisk thing on each side of the entrance to the door, but not exactly by the entrance.

And they had Hs on them, kind of like a totem pole manner going up. And it got smaller and smaller.

David: Okay, got it.

Corey: So once I looked around and I noticed that, and I was looking through the opening, and I could see one little piece of the structure that we were going to go to. And it looked like tinted glass.

David: Were the obelisks that you saw also glass-looking?

Corey: Stone.

David: Stone. Okay.

Corey: And they looked newer. They didn't look real old, but maybe it's because they were protected.

David: Was the H like carved inside the stone, like carved in? Or was it embossed and it came out?

Corey: It was carved in.

David: Okay.

Corey: And then – boom! - with no warning, this 14-foot-tall white being appears.

And it's wearing clothing that looks like shiny, white plastic.

David: Wow!

Corey: Yeah. And the most interesting thing was that they had black eyes, but they had this nose . . . The bridge of their nose went down, and then it looked like it kind of turned up. Like part of the nose was shooting down, and then this part right here [the tip of the nose] was going up.

It is very odd looking.

David: When you see black eyes, you mean did they have whites of their eyes, or was it totally black? The iris was black?

Corey: The iris.

David: Black.

Corey: Right.

David: So they have a very unusual nose.

Corey: Right. Chiseled bone structure, real straight lines in the cheeks, and white hair, or what would pass for hair.

And I was a little shocked when it appeared, but it didn't communicate. It just looked at us and then did its head like this [Corey moves his head as if motioning for the group to follow him to the left] and turned and went through the passageway.

David: Did you get the sense that this was a living being or some sort of bio-hologram or something?

Corey: It seemed to be some sort of intelligent hologram.

David: Okay. So it turns it's head and leads you into where?

Corey: Into the larger cavern where this structure was that I only saw a piece of.

David: So when you see the structure now, what are you actually seeing?

Corey: Well, as I walk through and the structures seem to grow as I'm walking in, I look in, and it's similar to a pyramid, except the base was probably . . . you know, it wasn't square. The corners curved into each other.

David: So they were concave.

Corey: Right. And on each point, each corner, there was an area that was open that went up really high and then went back down as it curved around. And it went up about 300 feet. It was really tall.

David: And you said it was like a pyramid?

Corey: Yes. Except it was like a pyramid and a tower. It was like the Eiffel Tower, but it was shaped like a pyramid.

David: More like a steeper slope angle like this, like the Russian pyramids were.

Corey: Yes. And it was over 1,000 feet tall.

David: Wow!

Corey: And it went almost to the top of the cavern.

David: How was its level of preservation? Did it look very ancient and damaged?

Corey: It was brand new. Brand new.

David: Brand new.

Corey: Yeah.

When considering an ancient pyramidal structure that is quite literally millions of years old, and has remained undisturbed for that time period, this pristine condition seems fairly plausible. Considering what was discussed in a recent episode of Wisdom Teachings on, pyramids are structures which draw in spacetime/gravity at higher rates than any other object. This spacetime/gravity is what gives matter its substance and strength. This means that the longer a pyramid sits in one place, the stronger the material becomes which composes the pyramid. This factor, combined with the possibility that very few if any people have been to these caverns for millions of years might result in a pyramid which appeared pristine and new.

To add to this new condition of the pyramid, the structure of pyramids in general have the ability to produce electrical energy. The explanation behind why this occurs is rather extensive, but to simplify, electrons flow from negative to positive. Also, pressure flows from high to low pressure areas. The atom is electrically charged and operates based upon the outward pressure of spacetime into the central nucleus. In this way, electricity and spacetime/gravity run parallel. Consequently, if either is projected with enough intensity in a given direction, the other will eventually follow.

As pyramids create an excessive flow of gravity/spacetime in one direction, electrical charge flows along with it. This flow is not extreme compared to some, but it is measurable and useful. It has been discussed as to how this electrical energy might be stored, and later utilized if the proper measures are taken.  If these ancient Venusians incorporated this technology into the pyramidal structure, it might explain why the pyramid still had power enough to activate itself and to eventually send this psychic impression to Corey.

David: And the room that it was in, did it have stone walls?

Corey: Yes. It was a giant cavern.

David: Wow! Okay. So this must have been just a stunning thing to see. I mean, you've obviously never seen anything like that before.

Corey: You almost fall over backwards. You walk in and you're just, I mean, you're looking up, and you almost fall over backwards.

David: Wow!

Corey: So we followed this being that the Anshar call the Sentinel into one of the corners where it arches.

David: Okay.

Corey: We walk in a ways, and then we all turn and look at the wall of one of the corner areas.

David: Okay.

Corey: And there is a big symbol that Gonzales had described. It looked like a backwards E that was like a G at the bottom that was flattened at the bottom.

And there are other symbols on the other three corners that I couldn't really make out.

And all of a sudden, the tinted glass went clear, and all of these other different types of symbols started appearing, and then they started moving. They were moving this way [to the left], they were moving that way [to the right], catty corner in every direction. It was just moving all around.

And they were like pulsing all the different colors of the spectrum.

David: Wow!

Corey: And I was hearing tones as well – a full range of tones along the octave scale.

I was like, okay. And I looked over at Kaaree, and she put her skinny little finger up and said, “Watch”.

David: It's like you're reading other people's mail. Ha, ha.

Corey: Oh, I didn't know what was going on.

David: Ha, ha, ha, yeah.

Corey: So I looked, and I'm watching, and all of this is occurring, and I start asking her questions, and she was like, “Just watch. Pay attention!”

David: Hm.

Corey: So I paid attention and was watching, but this Sentinel communicated with me, and it was more powerful than the incident with the White Draco, where it reached in violently and just took over.

I could feel the communication in all of my body at the same time.

David: Wow!

Corey: And it simply asked me, “Would you like to know who you were, who you are, and who you will be?” The question I've been asked before.

David: Ha, ha, ha. Same question that you said Gonzales had been asked, and he said, “Yes.”

Corey: Right. Well, I felt compelled . . . I said, “No.” And I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye, and Kaaree went like this [Corey wraps his hands around himself] and looked down and had a big ol' smile on her face. She wasn't surprised.

Those who are familiar with Joseph Campbell's concept of the Hero's Journey may know that in every instance of this format of story-telling, the hero always refuses the quest initially. The hero doesn't typically know that they have an epic adventure of challenge, learning, self-expansion, and fulfillment ahead of them. For them, there is only the fear of losing what they have. This progression of events is written into the formula of the story because in a large way, this process represents the evolution of events in nature itself, and in the progression of the universe as a whole. We ourselves have been through this journey in various ways.

On each of our paths of awakening, we have experienced (or will experience) a certain hesitation to embrace the newness presented to us. We may encounter new perspective, new information that we had never realize previously, and may shy away from this newness because we don't quite know what to do with it or how it might fit within our life experience. (This is with regard to the information that is provably accurate.)

Up until a certain point of development, we as human beings have a natural desire to conform and to exist within the world of the familiar. It is only after excessive persuasion and unforeseen circumstances that we begin to realize the benefit of the journey. Eventually, we realize that it is not the newness that does not fit, but the old which no longer suites our ever-increasing development. Quite often, it is this fear of departure from the old that prevents us from embracing the new.  Until we realize the profound benefit of the new life ahead of us, our quest seems fearful and uninviting.

David: Why do you feel so emphatically that you shouldn't answer “Yes” to this question?

Corey: The feeling I got when it was explained to me that it would change the nature of all my personal relationships. I just . . . I think of my children and my family.

David: So if you get this kind of download, if you get this recall, why would that be a bad thing for your family or your kids?

Corey: I don't know. It's just a feeling I got.

David: So you just maybe have some sort of anxiety about something that might change who you are in such a fundamental way.

Corey: Or maybe deep down I know something that I don't know consciously.

David: Okay. So let's walk through what happens after you say, “No”.

Corey: The being disappears, all of the symbols had stopped. And the only symbols that remained were the ones I described before.

David: Which was the E with the G on the bottom, the backwards E?

Corey: Right. And while the symbols were flying all over the place, one of the questions I asked Kaaree was, “Is this math?”

And before she told me to turn and look again, she was like, “This is a mathematical language of the ancients.”

David: Hm.

Corey: And it was over. The being disappeared without saying a word. And the structure went tinted again.

And so we started to walk out and I started asking Kaaree, “What just happened?” You know, I was thinking to myself, “Is that it?”

We may note that along any journey we embark upon, our free will is the ultimate determining factor of our course. There are no leaders or authorities besides ourselves and our chosen experience. Because of this authority we have on our own experience, the journey begins and ends at our choice and our choice alone.

Since the beginning of this unfolding story of Venus, we have progressed from a total blackout of information to an excess of intelligence on the inner world of the planet. This development is amazing to say the least. In the earlier seasons of the Cosmic Disclosure series, Corey Goode was mostly limited to the information the SSP personnel made available to him. There was not much more he could do to gain more intelligence on any subject.

As he shared, these people did not consider his input very valuable, and the relationship between him and the SSP Alliance was strained. At times the situation even digressed to the point where these people were threatening his life. We may also remember how Corey was going back and forth having meetings with both the SSP Alliance and the Anshar of Inner Earth. However, the full story was still vague at that time.

The SSP personnel became particularly hostile at one point. At that time, they sent in someone to basically torture Corey in order to motivate him to publicize more information in a shorter period of time. This hostility which largely originated from a man nicknamed, The Wrangler, ended abruptly. This was just before Corey Goode would have been forced to take a very compromising position as a substitute for Lt. Col. Gonzalez (a position which was left vacant after Gonzalez was outed and had to go into hiding.) This position would have required Corey to stop relaying information to the public, and would have made him completely subject to SSP control. Fortunately, Goode's dealings with the SSP ended before being forced to take such a position.

For a long while, I have wondered why Corey Goode was allowed to suffer in this way. Considering what opportunities and information he has been able to gain after being separate from the SSP, I would say that this separation was a good thing. In fact, these new opportunity for learning may have actually been the very reason why the unpleasant events were allowed to occur.

Without these hazardous and violent experiences which Goode endured, there may have never been any intervention by the SSP on Goode's behalf. As we might recall, the Wrangler was put into confinement and wasn't allowed to conduct his torture program any longer. In being freed from this situation, Corey has gained valuable information which has the ability to benefit many people, plus he is now free from their attempts at manipulating him any further.

In past testimonies, Corey has stated that Teir-Eir told him that there were specific reasons why he was not rescued from the situation with the Wrangler. It may very well be that this progress toward greater knowledge, independence, and forward momentum would not have been possible had events transpired differently. The amount of progress made thus far may not have been possible had Goode not endured these unfortunate circumstances.

Our Choice of Direction

Thanks to this gradual revelation of intelligence on the inner world of the planet Venus, we now have a new perspective on the Ancient Builders. We also understand more about what they have offered to humankind in the past, as well as what they continue to offer at our present juncture. This knowledge is ours to gain and to build upon whenever we are ready.

Mastery and Manifestation – A Lesson on the Power of Mass Consciousness, and the Key to our Divine Creativity

Oftentimes, it may seem like someone else is in control of the situations on our planet. We see events transpiring all around us, and may doubt that there is any relationship between what we see and what we want. However, the experiences we have are direct results of our own choices in life. If we choose to only pursue that which is comfortable and familiar to us, we can end up neglecting our much needed growth and opportunities for expansion (though this is not to judge anyone). There is a significant amount of development that can take place for a soul that is willing to experience anything and everything necessary for the sake of personal and collective evolution.
The possibilities of Full Disclosure are endless. There are a number of avenues of progress for us to take on the way to the new age, but it is up to us to choose the one which is most beneficial to as many people as possible. The optimal path is most definitely in our reach, in my view, and though we may not know exactly how to reach it, to ask the question of how is the first step to mastery.  It is this question that may very well open the door to the future we are all waiting for.
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