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Weekly Update with Hilarion - Plus Links and Commentary for June 26

Beloved Ones,

You are the holders of the highest frequency that is available on the planet and this requires the constancy to remain true to yourselves no matter what situations you encounter in your life.

As the representatives of the Divine, it is incumbent upon each of you to be the role models to show the way, to be the incorruptible ones who persevere on their spiritual path as all the familiar signposts along the way have now shifted. You are walking into unfamiliar territory in faith and courage and creating the new reality as you go and it is good. The higher realms applaud and support you as you walk this journey and you never walk alone.

A Practical Guide to Being Yourself


I believe it's an important point to note that each of us, no matter where we may see ourselves in life, may soon be seen as role models.  This is not because we are superior to anyone, or because we are more important than the next person.  It is simply because we are awake, and are surrounded by masses of people who are still not.  Consequently, we are ahead of the curve.

This advantage of ours places us in key positions to meet the needs of others.  This arising need of the people consists of helping them pursue a responsible, healthy, life-honoring, and productive course upon their journey of self discovery.


If we can honestly and humbly say that we would feel perfectly fine about thousands of other people mirroring our example as awakened souls, this is a significant realization.  However, I doubt any humble individual could honestly say that they are satisfied with their present state.  If there is any aspect of self which we do not feel the best about displaying in front of thousands of soon-to-be awakened souls, this gives us an idea of what we may improve upon.

Tiny Buddha - Dare to Live: 10 Unconventional Ways to Be True to Yourself

As the world around you plays out the endings that are taking place, you are stalwart in your determination to see things through to the end result which is the highest outcome for the highest good of all in the ascension process. Be of good cheer, be ever the up lifter of the spirits of those around you, for as the changes occur and shifts happen in all areas of human existence, you remain the ray of sunshine and hope as you point the way forward. The world’s people at this time are hungry for good news, they long to feel peace in their hearts, minds and souls, they long to find a solid foundation upon which to set their feet and firmly walk upon a planet that is in metamorphosis and regenesis.



This inner desire to experience the uplifting and the inspiring seem to be within each of us (in one form or another).  It also seems common that instead of finding this joy from our own inner divinity, we seek it from other sources.  We look for it within the things we watch, read, and that which we hear from others.  This is not to say that inspiration from different sources is bad or negative thing.  It is only to say that this outward seeking can sometimes leave us empty handed.

How amazing would it be, that if ever we needed inspiration, all we needed to do was to go within?  This is very possible, I think, and each of us has the ability to find within ourselves a joy and love of life that is completely independent from the outer world.  The latest news, the latest web postings, the latest movies or topics of conversion have little to add compared to the potential of our inner self.  This joy is infinite, and it resides within each one of us.  The goal, thereof is not to look for outward sources to place it inside of us.  It is more to find this joy within, and then let it come out.

Law of One - Insight on Inspiration

There are signs everywhere that changes are afoot, you have only to observe nature and her kingdoms to begin to understand that this regenesis is occurring not only at the macrocosmic levels but also at the microcosmic levels, in the tiniest details and expanding outward. The animals and the birds are adapting to the changes taking place through an innate understanding that they must amalgamate in their efforts to survive, grow and prosper. Some species of birds and wildlife are joining together to create a new species more adaptable to the new conditions that are now developing. Take time to be outdoors to watch and observe these mutations that are occurring. You will find many such changes.

Live Science - Newfound Species

For humanity as they watch through the lens of their news media, it seems as though the world is about to fall into chaos and yet, life continues keeping pace with the times. There is great resilience in the human soul, for it has seen much in its sojourn through many lifetimes and experiences and it has the ability and the deep knowledge and inner resources available within to keep on keeping on resolutely moving forward. It behooves all people to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground and their spirits soaring as they go through the inner and outer changes that are occurring at every level during these times. It is through their attitude towards the happenings in their world and how they respond to it that is of benefit, of developing the ability of letting go and eliminating things that are no longer productive or conducive to their growth and well being.

Energetic Synthesis - Body Changes


It seems that even though planetary change is as clear as day on numerous fronts, and within a multitude of dimensions, there are still some who haven't yet noticed.  These are commonly those who have not yet awoken to greater perspectives than those which the corporate media gives them.  This is steadily changing, as countless people are realizing the value of the internet over cabal-controlled media (though cabal has infiltrated many internet sources as well).  In light of this trend, it is all the more important that each of us realize that the world we see portrayed on TV and radio do not at all represent the true state of things. 

Fear and Fearlessness: What the Buddhists Teach

There are countless instances of progress toward a world more balanced, fair, and free than anything we have seen previously, and this is only the beginning.  It has been predicted in numerous ancient texts as well as advanced, alternative scientific studies that a monumental, multi-dimensional change is to take place in our near future.  This change will literally alter the fundamental meaning of what it is to be human.

This change is said to be of matter, of life, energy, and consciousness.  According to many ancient prophecies, after this change takes place, nothing will be quite the same.  I believe that as we consider these things, we view the daily progress we see in the world as preliminary.  Even if we see numerous, positive changes taking place, they are not the end of what this grand leap will entail.  I believe it is important to keep this in mind, as we move forward in faith and determination to both see and to catalyze the unfoldment of the monumental growth this planet is to see.

TED Radio Hour - Courage

As you are guided through your innate wisdom, it opens you to a greater understanding of the wonders and the mysteries of the boundless universe you live in and of the glory that is you as you create a new whole that is greater than the sum of all your parts. Claim your right to do or be whatever you want. Your choices are limitless and it only requires that you reach for them. Stretch for the potential that rests within you and move in harmony with your inner direction with continued faith and determination. All is well and everything is perfect.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

Source: Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

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