Thursday, July 14, 2016

False Flags, Ultimatums, and Monumental Moves toward Social Unity - Making Way for Massive Progress in the Wake of a National Tragedy

Over the past few days and weeks, events have been culminated to what is likely to be an ultimate, crescendo of positive change world-wide.  We see numerous announcements ranging from extremely positive to seemingly devastating, and many of us may not know what to make of this labyrinth of events.  This article is intended to give perspective on numerous world events as we see them unfolding, as well as to help each of us to contribute to these events our own positive intent.

Laying the Cards Out

We start our discussion off with an announcement which many people have heard from Benjamin Fulford.  This announcement which was posted to Youtube on July 3, 2016 may very well signify the impending end of cabal influence on this planet.

Benjamin Fulford July 4th 2016

(One point to note...  Though I do not necessarily agree with everything which Fulford states, I do think the overall message represents a positive step.  Within his rhetoric, there seems to be an air of leniency toward the half century of the criminality of different leaders within their respective countries.  Though I do want to see all criminals brought to trial, and to answer for all of their crimes, I also see this initial effort as a key step on the path to world liberation.)

The week following this video, Fulford released an update with more recent occurrences on this monumental announcement.  This update included a link which showcased many of the people who are believed to be behind much of the cabal operation.  These people are reported to be some of those who originally planned and insured the execution of the 9/11 attacks.

Israeli Government Responsible for 9/11 - A list of officials who had a hand in the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks

Here is a link for this update courtesy of the website, Stillness in the Storm.

Benjamin Fulford -- July 11th 2016: Khazarian mafia power structure crumbling in very public fashion

This is an extremely interesting turn of events, as I see it.  It seems that due to the efforts which we have seen from the positive Earth Alliance group, many of the members of  this cabal/crime syndicate have taken flight.  Upon hearing this, we may wonder where these criminals might go to escape the multi-national man-hunt that has reportedly been launched against them.  This is where the testimony of insiders such as Dr, Michael Salla, Corey Goode, and Dr. Pete Peterson come into play.

“Yes, We’re Corrupt”: A List of Politicians Admitting That Money Controls Politics

In a recent article, a number of pieces of key intelligence on cabal actions came to light.  Among these actions were an attempt to flee to underground bases which these criminals have reportedly retreated to as hideouts.  Here is a quote from a recent article which included some of the work of Dr. Michael Salla on the intelligence disclosed by Secret Space Program insider, Corey Goode.

The syndicate groups chose to flee instead to Antarctica/South America where underground locations provided some safety. The following graphic illustrates one of the six industrial areas under the Antarctic ice near the Ross Sea with parked spacecraft.The fumes coming out of the ground is from abundant thermal energy used as a power source.

Coincidently, President Obama visited Bariloche, Argentina on March 24, which had become the unofficial headquarters of the “Fourth Reich” when Adolf Hitler fled there after World War II. The Nazi U-boat historian, Harry Cooper, found credible sources establishing Bariloche as Hitler’s refuge in his book, Hitler in Argentina.

For the purpose of validation, here is the work of David Wilcock, and his perspective on the hide-away of these cabal criminals.

Pete [Peterson] confirmed there was a shooting war over Antarctica, and that massive amounts of Cabal assets are being transferred there now.

His briefing was that this transfer was occurring through many different C5 Galaxy craft. Each plane holds 500,000 kg, almost a million pounds.

Corey's data is that there are massive submarine tanker ships doing this transfer as well. It is huge in scope.

There are tons of data points we can see in the visible world that show the Cabal is about to experience an epic defeat.

That is why they are scrambling to move everything of value to a safe haven.

The tankers are moving through vast undersea tunnels that lead straight to Antarctica and were perfected and built out by ancient ETs long ago.

This next illustration is based on Corey's eyewitness testimony of seeing these massive undersea tunnels firsthand.

The craft at the bottom are the gigantic "supertankers" that the Cabal is using to transfer all their assets to their last possible safety zone on Earth.

So it seems that all four of these sources have independently confirmed the existence of the Antarctic hideout of this crime syndicate which has been responsible for the worlds decline for nearly a century.  With this in mind, one would think that if the alliance of countries listed by Benjamin Fulford were to launch this manhunt to find these criminals, this Antarctic base might be a great place to look.

View of Antarctica from low-Earth orbit

Antarctic location of thermal vents which were reportedly discovered and built out after WWII

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Disclosure Checkmate Part 1 and 2

With the thought of the launch of this international manhunt, it is understandable (thought not preferred) that the cabal would somehow retaliate or create some type of diversion so that they might more easily escape.  They may attempt to launch some sort of campaign of distraction and demoralization on the people for the purpose of maintaining some minimal amount of control, and possibly to harvest what little fear they could one last time.  It is my firm belief that we have already seen this campaign firsthand.

Tragedy in the U.S. and the Psy-Op of "Race"

Many of those of us in the United States were shocked to see the cell-phone footage of one unarmed Afro-American man being gunned down by an officer in front of his family, for doing nothing more than reaching for his license after being instructed to do so.  One day before this tragedy occurred we were also shocked to see another unarmed African-American male being pinned by two officers and then shot multiple times in the chest.

(I realize that for many, the word "race" is a 4-letter word.  This is understandable, as this largely fictitious concept has been used to artificially divide us as a human race.  However, these recent issues may teach us valuable lessons on the true value within each of us.  It will also give vital perspective on the situation which Fulford has spelled out in the above announcement.)

(Warning - Graphic content)

Philando Castile Shot by Police
(Warning - Graphic content)

These are obviously disturbing occurrences to hear about, and even more disturbing to witness.  To many of us as Americans (as specially those of color), it can be unsettling to know that at some point, police training took such a misdirected turn that many officers would begin to act paranoid, and to respond violently and murderously even in benign situations such as those we have seen on video.

As the situation stands, many of the problems which we see within police precincts are not simply the results of negligence, or random failure of standards.  Many of these failures seem to occur by design.  In other words, the problems of violence and poor judgement among police start long before an officer is ever hired.  This is not at all to excuse brutalization or murder.  It is to bring to light the fact that there are those who seem to have intended for this violence and death to occur.

Alton Sterling - Killed July 5

Philando Castile - Killed on July 6
It has been revealed by the CIA, as well as by ABC news that many police precincts specifically hire officers with low IQ's and low empathy.   These standards (which appear to have suddenly changed at some point) seem to have made it possible to hire hundreds of officers who are intelligent enough to follow orders, and to remember the pressure they are put under to do what is called their "duty", but not intelligent enough to evaluate either of these for themselves.

ABC - Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops

This is how you create not protectors of rights, not protectors of freedom, but opposers to the constitutional rights we know and love in America.  This would indicate that somewhere behind the scenes, policies are being written that deliberately usurp America.  This would indicate that somewhere, there is some influence which is powerful enough to change policy, but that has little interests in liberty.  Somewhere behind the scenes, it seems treason is afoot.

Stop-and-frisk trial: Cop's secret tape reveals boss ordered him to target blacks males ages 14 to 21
This policies of hiring, training, and deploying low-IQ police forces with low empathy have not only cause unnecessary suffering and death for the American people, but have allowed criminal behavior to be exhibited by some officers.  There are numerous aspects of these which can be maddening and frustrating for many of us, but in order to oppose the current narrative in media propaganda, we will address the issue of racism.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - The Thinning of the Veil

It is understandable that thanks to centuries of cabal brainwashing, we have the psycho-emotional issue of racism to heal and to move beyond.  This is an illusive issue to many, but simply put, it is the result of twisted, cabal/Illuminati beliefs (similar to Nazism or elitism) superimposed over the common population, so that we as the common people judge ourselves based upon those same Illuminati beliefs.  In short, this equates to a belief that they (the cabal) are superior to all others due to their superior genetics.  This is of course twisted ridiculousness, but for the sake of understanding, let's continue this examination.

Minnesota Gov. on Shooting of Philando Castile

The cabal believes that they and those who shares the larger portion of their "superior" genetics are somehow better than those who have a smaller portion or none at all.  Among other traits, they see that of having light skin as one of those superior traits.  This is of course ridiculous, and requires an individual to adopt further twisted cabal beliefs in order to sustain such a view.  It is my firm belief that this was nothing more than a psy-op imposed upon all of us for millennia.

(This ideology is actually based upon the belief of these elitists that they are the decedents of aliens who crashed hear thousands of years ago, and dominated the population because of their superiority.  They actually believe that those of the pure genetic descent of this alien race are superior and have a "right to rule".  These people also believe that there is more than one superior race, and that each of these races comes from pure E.T. lineage.  However, for the sake of our discussion, we will focus more upon the subject of the people we refer to as "white supremacists".)

The goal of the fictitious idea which fueled racism to begin with was nothing more than a trick to convince the common people to give up their energy to the cabal.  We know that this cabal uses various forms of magic and trickery to coerce the people into surrendering their fear, their admiration, their self worth, their strength, their ambitions, and hopes to this group.  They then use this energy to feed the strength of their own ambitions, and to accomplish every deplorable plan they themselves desire.  They do this, and at the same time, they leave the rest of the population empty-handed.  So how does racism come into play?  There is an explanation.

The Origins of Institutionalized Racism – a System to Control Blacks … and Whites

The reason that the concept of socioeconomic class exists is for the purpose of organizing power.  The purpose of this hierarchy of power is not for the sake of the equality of all, but for the sake of those who enjoy their position at the top.  It is those who are at the top of this social pyramid who gain all of the energy of the rest.  They gain the wealth, the admiration, and the advantage of every resource their empire has to offer.  The reason racism exists is simply for the purpose of keeping aspects of the lower class divided.  Those who are seen as less-than have been taught to subconsciously surrender their energy to those who are seen as greater-than within this structure.

Pyramid of Capitalist System

Within every instance of racism, no matter what the case, or in what country this twisted ideology exist, those who are depicted as less-than are used as the foundation of the pyramidal hierarchy of socioeconomic class.  This is typically why the decedents of indigenous people are placed at (and even below) the bottom of the economic pyramid.  They serve as the foundation of the cabal's socioeconomic structure.  Upon the backs of the less-than's are the not-so-less-than's, and the pyramid builds upward from there. 

This pyramid is timeless.  It has been the formula for social, political, and economic domination of every country on the planet.  These trends are virtually the same in whatever country the structure exists (at least this that have been influenced by cabal interests).  In the minds and of the elitists who sit on the very top (represented by bags of money), none of the people below are worth anything outside of their ability to contribute to the luxurious lifestyle of this elite.  However, this twisted viewpoint never arose organically.

This classist ideology was communicated and mass distributed within propaganda continually for the entirety duration of the cabal's multi-dimensional exploitation.  This propaganda typically came in the form of leaflets and posters, and was a powerful tool used to maintain the twisted mindset of this cabal within the minds of those who may have otherwise resisted.  This propaganda even exists today, only it is more subtle and difficult for the inattentive and uninitiated to recognize.

European History - Social History

Since the inception of this type of multidimensional, cabal rule, aboriginals have been seen as little more than animals.  This is why they were so often exploited, slaughtered and their children assimilated into European culture.  Their way of living in balance with nature was seen as inferior to the cabal, who constantly destroyed nature for their own benefit.  After destroying the way of life of many of the aboriginal tribes on Earth, they would begin to expand their own territory over the land they had stolen, destroying any and every aspect of nature that stood in their way.  To this lineage of criminals, aboriginals as well as all of nature were seen as useful only part of the time.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Hegel's Dialectics

The cabal, wherever they may go, will first turn a population against itself in one way or another, and then use the resulting violence and death to gain more wealth, resources, and energy for themselves.  This is the Hegelian method to which Fulford was referring.  This method is simple (and detestable).

In order to dominate a planet, this psychopathic cabal would first travel to a new place.  When they get there, they would use a false flag to start a war between two groups, feeding both side of the fight weapons and supplies, and then waiting to see who survived in the end.  When a victor arises, they befriend that victor.  As this psychopathic cabal spread this method through imperialism, they would establish a base for their socioeconomic pyramid.

Western Banks, Terrorism and Isis:The Nihilism of Dark Finance Fuelling Global Insecurity

On every major continent, they spread this method of violence and death through imperialism and missionary work.  They would go to different indigenous regions and initiate divisions and eventually wars.  Then they would step back and wait to see who the victors were.  This would continue for thousands of year until it came to modern times.  This is the basis for the both the African slave trade and the decimation of the ancient American Native cultures.  The cabal looked down upon both of these cultures as the collective losers of their sick game of death.  Today, we have their decedents, the "African-American", whom the cabal still detests.  Simply put, racism is a manufactured tool which the cabal has used for thousands of years to start fights between people and to prime them to murder one another, for nothing more than to support their own elitist lifestyle.

(This is not at all limited to the common dynamic of racism we know in America.  It has been used on every continent, and between numerous cultures who would have gotten along fine had it not been for these Hegelian social engineers.)

US Senate to Declare “International Martial Law” — Give President ‘Unlimited’ Military Powers

Today, on the news, we see this exact same method as in past centuries.  We have seen it used to put Americans against Muslims, Muslims against Gays, and African/Native descendants against police.  It is my strong belief that in all of these cases, none of those involved in any of the actual conflict were responsible for starting it in the beginning.  In each case, many (if not all) occurrences of violence were likely initiated by cabal interests using the exact same Hegelian tricks for the exact same purpose they always have.

Along with these aspects of the psy-op of race, we have another.  This was the conformity of the common population to the cabal-inspired socioeconomic structure.  Those of European decent were also manipulated to follow in step with the views of this anti-humanitarian cabal syndicate.  Though this manipulation came in a different form than the manipulation the aboriginals faced.  This manipulation came in the form of a social bribe.  Now, what do I mean by this?

World History in Context - Colonialism and Imperialism

To those of European decent, socioeconomic status was obviously very important.  Even those at the bottom of the pyramid (those included on the diagram) still enjoyed minimal recognition, though their plight was still poverty, poor heath, higher rate of mortality, and lower education.  Within this structure, it was typically those who were of higher status who maintained the social pyramid for the purpose of maintaining their own social advantage.  (Though this is not to say that upward movement was never possible.)

The allure of high status commonly provided enough incentive to those in higher classes to maintain their own lavished lifestyle even though others were suffering below them.  Even if they weren't of very high status, they still had other, lower classes to look down upon.  Consequently, they might consider themselves fortunate not to be those of lower status.  If those at the bottom of the social pyramid ever complained, not many cared very much.  So this pyramid structure was not simply maintained from the very top, but was set up to be maintained via social pressure from one's peers, and this control existed at every level.  In short the cabal created this system to be self-sustaining.

Atrocities Against Native Americans

Now, let's consider the impact of offering everyone within the socioeconomic pyramid a free upgrade in status.  (Do you think that after being treated as lower-status humans, anyone would say “no” to that opportunity?  There were those who did, but very few among the influential typically agreed due to political pressure.)  The addition of aboriginal servants and slaves did just that.  Everyone of European descent got their free social upgrade (though their economic status may have remained the same).  Keep in mind that none of this—absolutely none of this social structuring—is based upon reality.  It is a structure based upon pure fantasy, and is detached from the acknowledgement of the true value of humanity  It is for this reason that many of those from aboriginal descent feel as though they are less-than's, and have never felt what it is to be actual equal-to's.

Race - The Power of an Illusion

Now, let's discuss another aspect of the psy-op.  Many Caucasians may feel uncomfortable when discussing aspects of racism, or socioeconomic inequality based upon ethnicity.  This feeling is understandable, but it is not based upon reality. either.

Whenever African/Native descendants talk about their hang-ups on the subject, there can commonly be a knee-jerk defensiveness from Caucasians.  Why does this occur?  It's simple.  There is an aspect to the psy-op of race that is designed to causes the Caucasian side of the equation to avoid the conversation all together.  In these cases, the individual may feel an overwhelming sense of 'Blame'.  When they feel this sense of blame, they believe that someone is actually blaming them.  To the individual, it feels very real and very uncomfortable, but in reality, it is an artificially induced mechanism.  Just like the African/Native descendants have been made to feel "less-than", this psychological mechanism of self-blame was induced so that Caucasians would feel uncomfortable even discussing the subject.  Both of these acts of manipulation were imposed upon all of us so that we as the human race would never come together in unity.

What Really Happened?

We've discussed socioeconomic status and its relationship to ethnicity, and we have seen that the consequent ideology which we are fed was likely a large contributing factor to the tragedies mentioned.  Now, let's consider the timing of the shooting murders mentioned above.

The two shootings previously mentioned happened back to back, one day after another. Alton Sterling was killed on July 5, and Philando Castile was killed one day later on the July 6.  Two days afterward, we have the Dallas shootings.  Now, let's think about this for a moment.  We know that this cabal has been engineering false flags for hundreds of years if not thousands.  We know of their Hegelian method of starting fights between groups and attempting to manipulate situations.  Let's factor in the situation which Benjamin Fulford lays out for us above.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA's Quiet Disclosure Part 1

Video Documentary - FBI Confesses to Manufacturing Terrorist Threats and Fabricating News Stories

Now let's consider this manipulative, ruthlessly exploitative crime syndicate who is the prime suspect for engineering fake terrorists, fake justifications for war, a number of fake attacks by their puppet terror squads, and have even been known to manufacture news reports when it served their purposes.  Do you think maybe, just maybe that if they knew the jig was up, they would want to provoke a violent situation as a diversion for their own escape, and to harvest the last bit of fear they could?  Do you think that maybe these people--who have played this card so many times throughout history--would benefit from the racial tension, fear, and hate that they themselves along with their predecessors created?  I would very much think so.

How Cues and Programming Work in Mind Control and Propaganda

I believe that it is very likely that these cabal criminals played their usual agent-provocateur card, choosing already racist and fearful officers, working them up to make them believe that the next person they saw was going to kill them, and then cut them loose on the world.  (This refers to a very complex method of trauma-based conditioning that is firmly based within science and a human Pavlovian response mechanisms.  For more information see the links above.  We will discuss this in a moment.)

After setting these police off to kill, it would have only been a matter of habit to call in a mob-style hit at a crucial protest to make it look as though someone was getting revenge for the murders which happened days before.  By my observation, the police shootings in Dallas reeked of the same stench of the infamous Batman shooter incident from 2012 in one specific way.

If we'll remember, the man blamed for the shooting Aurora looked completely drugged out during his court hearing, and appeared to be in no condition to shoot anyone.  Unless the police drugged him jail, he was heavily under the influence of something during the time he was supposed to be killing multiple people.

During the Dallas shooting, there were reportedly multiple shooters, and judging from the number of police officers rapidly hit by gunfire in a crowd of people, I am convinced that this Dallas shooting was a false flag perpetrated by multiple agents provocateur snipers.

The following is a Facebook post from my personal page which included my initial observations on the report about the shooting incident in Texas.

From witness testimony, this Dallas shooting smells like the usual, professional hit job. We are supposed to believe that one ordinary citizen can accurately snipe multiple police officers in a crowd of people in rapid succession.

Five US police killed by snipers at a Dallas protest
Dallas police shooting: Horrified eye-witnesses describe how snipers 'just kept shooting' as five officers executed during protest

Then we have CNN's suggestive titling of their article. Notice the title (below) can be read in two different ways. One is benign. The other is completely instigatory.

Multiple officers killed at Dallas protest over police killings

Were they killed over the police killings, or is the protest over the police killings? Coming from a professional, veteran reporting company, that's not accidental.  Given CNN's sordid history, I think their agenda is pretty clear.

Original Facebook Post

My initial observation was to the fact that CNN seemed to be deliberately cryptic in their choice of title for the news report regarding this shooting.  Seeing that multiple people on social media jumped to the conclusion that the shooting was retaliative of the two killings of unarmed men two days before, it seemed clear that this may have been the desired implication behind the title.

As in any false flag, corporate news outlets typically waste no time at jumping to the desired conclusion which they want the public to adopt.  (Granted, it is an understandable assumption that the Dallas shooting was retaliative.  In this case, it is understandable for the public to jump to this conclusion.  However, for a professional news company to do the same is unbecoming, in my view.)  This provocation has been the tactic of these cabal criminals dating back for centuries, and at this point, it seems fairly obvious that heavy manipulation and diversion are the likely goals yet again.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA's Quiet Disclosure Part 2

(With this in mind, I also consider the possibility that the timing of these shootings may have just been pure chance.  Considering the copious amounts of fear-mongered the corporate media spews, one could theorize that both occurrences took place out of pure chance, and that the third was just a random act of violence.  However, in my view, the timing makes this rapid succession of events seem too far beyond coincidental.)

A Special Kind of Manipulation

At this point, I will briefly describe the scientifically proven method by which U.S. operations in the 1950's proved that people can be conditioned into committed different acts which they may not be aware of until after the act is committed.  This is not to claim that the acts of murder in the past few days were committed by completely innocent people.  It is simply to say that there may have been more factors to these incidents than reported by corporate media.

Project MK Ultra - Official Hearing Record - Partially Declassified in 1977 and Later in 2001

(This information will be familiar to many people, though for some, it may be new, and may even seem far-fetched.  However, it should be known that much more about the human mind has been uncovered than that which has been publicly and openly disclosed.)

Brice Taylor - Thanks for the Memories - Autobiography of a Former Victim of Project MK Ultra - PDF

During the 1950's, the CIA would launch a program devoted to maintaining sensitive secrets of the interests behind the U.S. government.  They wanted to create a code of sorts, and a way of passing information to specific people which was not breakable and could not be intercepted by outside parties.  In order to do this, they decided to use people as the medium through which these messages would be sent.  The problem with this was that people tend to leak secrets.  So in order to prevent this, government interests--with the help of those from the Nazi party who were brought into U.S. government jobs through Project Paperclip--devised a series of procedures which involved severely torturing numerous involuntary subjects (many time, on children) in order to make them useful and agreeable couriers.  ...But what does passing information have to do with torture?

How Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele cheated justice for 34 years

Secret Agenda - Linda Hunt - PDF on Operation Paperclip

It has been found that the human brain, when exposed to extreme amounts of trauma, will begin to partition itself off like a computer hard drive, and divert all of the trauma to that separate partition.  This is a natural, compensatory mechanism which allows the rest of the brain to function normally.  Despite the complete lack of ethics in the use of their procedures, the CIA operatives found this trauma-induced partitioning to be very useful.

They would observe that after a mind was successfully fragmented, new sections of the mind had numerous abilities which were not expressed beforehand.  They were able to remember unheard of amounts of information, learn new languages with surprising efficiency, and even adopt different personalities altogether.  This was basically a way which was found to induce multiple personality disorder.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Giant Steps toward Disclosure

These mental partitions of the victims would later be made to memorize large amounts of data.  Also, each partition of the mind would be sectioned off, and "locked" with a Pavlovian response mechanism that typically involved a series of words or phrases which only the operatives were allowed to know.  This was a way which spies were produced, which assassins were produced, and it was the way in which sensitive information was passed between privileged parties among the elite.

This mechanism is actually one of the primary reason why basic training in military settings is applied to new recruits.  A certain amount of sleep deprivation and food deprivation applied in the right amounts can cause the same effect as MK Ultra-like partitioning of the mind.  (Many have heard the statement, "The training kicks in" when referring to battle situations.  This is because a soldier is commonly unaware of the alternate personality that has adsorbed the training until after they use their training in battle.)

How and why military basic training brainwashes recruits

Project MK Ultra officially ended in 1973 and was immediately classified due to it's countless violations of human rights.  However, this was reportedly an umbrella project with numerous other sub-projects continuing even after the official program ended.  It is very likely that many of these same methods were continually used long after the official project ended, as the inhumane tactics within it were found to be effective.

(This method was also revealed to be the most common means of manipulating victims of sex trafficking, and for manipulated women for acting within the pornography industry.  According to survivors and whistle-blowers who have escaped these programs, it is still very much active today.  So if we consider those which cabal interests might consider "useful", these manipulative tactics are commonly used in order to keep them so.)

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave - by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier - Book/PDF

Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

So when we see police officers going so far outside of the law, and so far beyond the typical actions of the average racist (as people usually hide their crimes as apposed to committing them on video), one has to wonder.  Also, when we factor in the perfect timing of the first murder (immediately after the ultimatum is given by Fulford and his people), while also considering how the Hegelian method seems to have been so accurately employed, this makes it very likely that these acts were instigated by a third party (though, again, this is not to say that the people who committed these murders were completely innocent).

False Flag? The Kiev Maidan Snipers,They Fired On Both Police and Protesters

This same method was also likely to have been used on the shooter who reportedly killed 5 innocent police officers in Dallas, TX.  As reported and recorded on video, this individual did not seem nervous or afraid at all.  They were completely calm, as though they had done this before numerous times during a training exercise.  (I realize he was reportedly X-military.  However, I do not see this or revenge as enough to explain this man's apparently insane behavior.)  My thought is that if other parties planned to post multiple snipers on rooftops and murder innocent police, they would need a scapegoat so that the retaliating officers would have someone to shoot at, and the news would need someone to blame beside the actual wizard behind the curtain

Dallas, TX Officers who lost their lives serving to keep the peace

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - “The Cabal’s Downward Spiral” - Assessing the Final Days of a Crumbling Cabal, and a Prelude to Breakthrough 

If these events were in fact the efforts of some third party to insight violence, it does not at all seem like the usual division and fear are resulting from these violent acts.

The Georgia-Guidestone Component

Let's talk about another reason why this cabal would want to cause this type of trouble. There is one other factor of this malevolent, manipulative group that may not be very pleasant to hear. However, one should remember that it has being redundantly proven that this group has already failed royally. At this point, it can only help to learn what their possible plan was so that they can be brought to trial. This section is partially based upon theory. However, much of this theory connects mainstream news events in a very contiguous way. For this reason, let's consider it's possibility.

There are many people who consider the American monument the Georgia Guidestones to be a mystery. This is a large granite monument build by wealthy, and yet unknown parties in Elberton, Georgia. This monument seems to have been built with the intent of imitating ancient, neolithic monuments such as Stonehenge of Wiltshire, England, and the monument at the International Peace Garden for the United Nations.

Now, let's consider something. We know the Dalberg-Acton quote, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. What this refers to is the tendency for those in power to eventually become drunk on that power. They become addicted to that power. They need it in order to feel valuable. It becomes their identity, and their obsession, and like any addiction, over time, they will begin to develop a tolerance for it and crave more.

If the ancestors of this group were as powerful and influential as we have discussed. It would make sense that these ancestors would not only pass down their wealth to their successors, but also the methods for maintaining and expanding that wealth. Eventually, what we might think of as ridiculous amounts of wealth would no longer be enough for these people. At some point, their addiction to money and power would become so great, that it would consume all reason and humanity they once held (though many of them may already be psychopathic). This leaves them open to many options which we as normal people would consider completely insane.

This insanity may even lead to a desire for world domination and eventually, even mass population reduction, and according to insider testimony by those who have investigated this group, this is exactly what was originally planned (much like the Nazi party). However, to restate, this plan has failed catastrophically. This is why we see these people being hunted down.

It was said to be the Georgia Guidestones that were the original cryptic announcement of the creation of this plan (commonly called the “New World Order”). The reason this group announced their plan in this way was that they believe that they could not accomplish it without the knowing consent of the population. Consequently, they have periodically revealed their Satanic, religious beliefs through various media.

I want us to keep 3 particular dates in mind. These are August 1, 2013, August 16, 2014, and August 14, 2016. We will talk about why these are significant in a moment, but for now, let's take a look at this Georgia monument. For the details, we turn to the Daily Crow website.

The Georgia Guidestones can best be described as the 10 commandments of the New World Order. The monument was constructed on March 22, 1980 after a granite company was hired by an individual who went by the pseudonym of RC Christian. These objects have long been the subject of conspiracy theorists and rightly so.

At the very least, any thinking person should ask some basic questions. If you have studied the Illuminati you know they operate by a certain code. You can say they have decorum, as they believe they fulfill a moral necessity by revealing their intentions in plain sight. To make things even more creepy, I will mention that from an overhead view it appears to be an altar complete with an unmistakable blood stain.

The 10 commandments inscribed on the guide stones are as follows:

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

On September 25th 2014 a cube was removed from the top of the guide stones. Once it was taken out we were able to see what was inscribed on it and speculation followed. On 4 sides were numbers, 8, 14, 16, and 20. The letters “MM” which is believed to mean “Master Mason” and “JAM” which stands for “Judgment Against Mankind”. Since symbols, dates, numbers, names etc. all have deep meaning in occult practices I believe its worth looking into. This is where I came upon a startling discovery.

Tisha B’Av or the 9th of Av: The Unmistakable Meaning of This Day

For the last few years I’ve been studying patterns in Jewish history based on the Hebrew calendar. There are certain days that have great significance to the Jewish people and there is none more ominous than the 9th of Av or Tisha B’Av. On this day both Jewish temples were destroyed, the first in 423 BC and the second in 70 AD. On the 9th of Av in 135 AD 500,000 Jewish people were slaughtered by Roman soldiers in the city of Betar...

What the Cube is Saying

So that’s the 9th of Av. The worst day in Jewish history. Now how does this relate to the Georgia Guidestone’s cube? The numbers are 8, 14, 16, 20. Some speculated it meant 8/16/2014. I’m here to tell you it is referring to 8/14/2016 because this date on the Jewish calendar just so happens to be the 9th of Av.

1 in 355 chance or .2% or .002 of the date in question falling on the exact day of the most calamitous date in Jewish history. Remember, there have only been 7 blood moon tetrads like the one we are currently experiencing since Christ was resurrected. Each time within the year of the tetrad the Jewish people experienced major historical changes. The uniqueness of these 7 tetrads is that they all fell on Jewish Feast Days.

(One point to note... There are number of references to Jewish tradition listed above. This is not at all to say that the group of Luciferians we know as the cabal are in any way associated with true Judaism. This cabal has at times, put on the mask of different religions to hide its true identity, but in no way does this monument indicate or implicate any Jewish component to cabal plans.)

So we know of this monument, but it is also important to note the cube which was first carved out some time near September 25, 2014, and placed at the top of this monument.  This cube was marked with specific numbers and letters, but was seemingly indecipherable to the average person.  However, through much investigation, and from the study through the history of the Masonic traditions, many different meanings have been uncovered which could possibly apply to this so called, "crypto-cube".

In recent years, there was one particular date during which a strange occurrence took place. It was a date on which the mystery of this monument took a new turn. The crypto-cube which had been notched out and placed on top of this monument in late 2014 was removed and destroyed.  Here is the video from this event.

Georgia Guide Stone 2014 cube stone removal 9-25-14

As mentioned before, this cube is somewhat of a mystery.  There are no overt meanings or words included on it.  However, there do seem to be multiple Masonic references made, along with the Masonic method of incorporating multiple possible meanings with minimal symbols.

The Translation of the Crypto-Cube - Possible Meanings

MM - Commonly used as shorthand for “Master Mason”
MM - Roman numerals for 2000, or possibly the year 2000
WW - World War (MM upside down) – This may have meant that these people wanted to cause a World War sometime after the year 2000.
Number sequence 8-16-14 - may be a date. - August 16, 2014
Number sequence 8-14-16 - August 14, 2016
These two dates may represent the window of time during which these people need to accomplish their full agenda. Otherwise, it will not happen.

JAM - Might mean "Judgment Against Mankind", "Junior Accepted Mason"
Jam - This is the term used for when a person wedges a stone into place. The cube is seen as the cap stone similar to a pyramidal capstone.
JAM - This could also be an alphanumeric code which would translate to 10-1-13.
108 - All of the numbers of the cube add up to 108.

In short, those behind this Georgia monument seemed to have wanted to control population be reducing it to under 500,000,000 people. How do you get rid of people? You could either stop them from reproducing for an extended period of time, or you could cause their deaths by various means, but honestly who would agree to something like this if they were asked outright?  This is said to be why the messages on the Guidestones were so cryptic to begin with.

Does this plan sound insane?  Absolutely, but remember, there is a good chance that these people have become so drunk with power, and most likely started out as psychopaths anyway. So in their mind, this plan may have actually been sensible.

Now, let's consider the dates that we mentioned before. 8/1/13, 8/16/14, and 8/14/16. These were actually very significant dates. They are as follows.

Important Dates

October 1, 2013 – Government shutdown (Code 8-1-13)
Wikipedia - Government shutdown in the United States - October 1, 2013

Number 108 (sum of all numbers on the cube, also the number of the goddess Isis) – The official time of the government's shutdown was 1:08 AM.

August 16, 2014 – Governor issues curfew after a state of emergency was declared in Ferguson, MS. (Code 8-16-14)
(The article says 19th, but the URL says the 16th, indicating the original date of publication.)

Note: This date is specifically said to be the beginning of the window of time which the cabal has to achieve everything they needed to in order for their negative agenda to come to fruition, according to insider testimony.

August 14, 2016 – The last day of the window of time the cabal has to take over the world, according to insider testimony. This may be the reason why they have been attempting so hard to create chaos in the world in recent times.

Each one of these dates represented some of the strangest, most out-of-place and most seemingly un-American occurrences we have seen in a long time. Every one of them received blanket media coverage. Everyone of them was destructive, disruptive to the functionality of the country, and all of them seemed to be largely fabricated. On top of this, the dates for each of these occurrences were coded out on this strange cube atop this monument we find in Elberton, Georgia. Each of these—both the monument as well as the national occurrences require the actions and manipulation of wealthy and influential people.

It costs a large amount of money to build a granite monument the size of the Georgia Guidestones. It cost even more to create destructive events on a level so big, that the entire world takes notice, and honestly, I do not think it outrageous to consider the possibility that both the monument and each of these national occurrences were initiated by the same small group of wealthy people.  ...But enough with the negativity.

Human Kind Rises Up

If it is true that the usual, cabal perpetrators of such crimes were behind these recent shooting deaths, it doesn't at all seem that their desired effect is occurring. It is understandable that quite a few people are anxious and maybe even a little afraid of what may happen to them if they are pulled over.  It is understandable that we may feel sad, angry, and/or apprehensive about the state of our country and our planet.  However, there is a positive side of humanity that is rising above and beyond anything we have seen in the past.

Video - DALLAS SITUATION - "Respect is Key" The Game, Snoop Dogg lead March to LAPD

In Las Angeles, CA--one of the country's most divided cities with regard to police and people of color--one of the most unexpectedly positive steps which the country may have ever see has been taken. This involved a community meeting between former gang members and the LA Police Department (many new recruited among them). This meeting was an introduction and the start of what is to be a community partnership and continuing, open dialog between the police department and citizens from every community.
Below is the full version of the press conference held after the first of these meetings took place.

L.A. Press Conference - Rapper Snoop Dogg Meets and Speaks with LADP (7/8/16)

To be honest, this even surprised me.  Even with the positive outlook which I try to embody and live by, I did not at all expect to see such a bold step toward peace in such a difficult situation between people who could have easily considered each other enemies.  Somehow, within each of these people, the courage was found to move beyond the usual, the typical, and the expected to see the beyond the negative in order to create a unity that has never existed before.

Free Hug Project - We are in this Together

These brave souls have stepped outside themselves and have chosen to see humanity through new eyes.  They have used national tragedy to raise their own consciousness to new heights.  As the cabal criminals ran to their hideaway, wherever it may be, they were probably expecting to see some kind of riot, or violence similar to what we have seen in the past.  I can only imagine what they are thinking as they are seeing this, looking dumbfounded as they watch the seemingly impossible unfold, as the human race learns to creates peace and unity where scorn once was.

Cabal reaction - Hrrumph!

I can imagine these cabal instigators angrily watching this peaceful response to their attempted antagonization on their television screens wondering what people are doing.  "What's this supposed to be?!!...  That's not how you fight a race war!!!...  Stop hugging!!!  We command it!!!"  If violence and mass civil unrest was what these cabal curmudgeons were planning, they are likely thoroughly disappointing at this point.  In a way, I feel sad for them, but there is a part of me that hopes even these mass murderers will find a spark of good even within themselves to undo the damage they have inflicted upon the human race.

(One thing to note...  I realize that along with all of the positive aspects of the aftermath of these tragedies, there is quite a bit of negative material in news and on social media.  These only seem to focuses on the bad examples of police that are happening parallel to these positive developments.

Let me just say that I realize that both are happening simultaneously, but instead of doing what used to come naturally to me, I am now choosing to authorize the positive and to let the negative diminish.  It is not that I am ignoring or failing to acknowledge that negativity exists.  It is simply that my intention is to de-manifest it so that it disappears entirely.  This will happen automatically as we pursue the most positive and progressive end that we can.)

Bridging Our Own Divide

For a moment, I would like to talk on the subject of the "Black-Lives-Matter" sign.  I will say that I do not think the sign is perfect.  However, I also do not believe in dismissing an entire message based upon nothing more than the first 3 words that I see.   Later, we will see that all it takes is a 5-minute conversation between an "All Lives Matter" group and a "Black-Lives" group to find out that they are saying the exact same thing.  For those who have jumped to judging this book by its cover, we will have this talk for the purpose of achieving much-needed unity here in American and beyond.

Our Disproportionate Criminal Justice System

(Note: For the uninitiated, the "Black-Live-Matter" message has an unspoken "Too" at the end.  However, a person would have to listen to their message to know this.)

When we see a sign that says "Black Lives Matter", many things may go through our minds. Some may say that's "racists". Others may say that's obvious, but to some, that's actually news. To put it plainly, the sign doesn't exist because those holding it want to matter more. They are holding it because they see that to many people, they don't seem to matter at all. I imagine that those who hold these signs believed that their intended message would be clear, but forgot about the unspoken implication behind it, as well as the common-place cabal attempt to demonize it.

History of Colonization and the Effects on Aboriginal Women 

(Note: It should be known that the issues within this section actually apply to all aboriginal people, and all of those who have historically and generationally been abused, exploited, and mass murdered by cabal imperialism.  There is a specific pain that comes with these ills, and I realize that each of those who come from an oppressed heritage must face them.  Here in North America, this has evolved into the "Black-Lives-Matter" movement, among others.  Why do we speak on this topic?  ...Because African/Native descendants are clearly a target of the cabal at this point.)

NAACP - Criminal Justice Fact Sheet

Personally, even without my insider knowledge (on the culture, not the group), I would probably be able to tell that if a person made a sign such as the BLM sign, they probably notice how the cabal-based establishment still treats them the same way it treated their ancestors (though this has improved to an extent, just not enough to keep some from dying senselessly, or being targeted, profiled, arrested, denied their human rights, and imprisoned with extreme disproportion to other groups). I would think this would be obvious. However, America has been a sort of acknowledged apartheid society since its conception—first by government, and then covertly by cabal interests through media, and sequentially, by social order. Consequently, many of those who do not look alike don't really know much about one another. This is unfortunate, but completely changeable.

Video - The Free Hug Project - "Do Black Lives Matter To You"?

As an exercise I'm going to give us a phrase, and then we will discuss our reaction. "Palestinian Lives Matter." Now why would I say this? It's simple. It's because there are clearly those who don't believe it, and/or don't care. If I were an ignorant foreigner from a far-away country who came to Palestine and saw this sign, I might say, "What's with the sign? Don't all lives matter?" What I have failed to realize is what goes on outside of the tourist-friendly side of the territory.

I wouldn't realize that there exists a gaping cultural divide between neighbors within this part of the world. I wouldn't realize just how many people chose not to acknowledge the fact, and how much life was senselessly lost because of this lack of acknowledgement. I wouldn't realize how long this has occurred, or how many people refused to see this people as equal (including the Israeli government). These are things I could not see unless I were either very culturally aware, or if I myself were Palestinian.

“We learn in friendship to look with the eyes of another person, to listen with her ears, and to feel with her heart.”
― Alfred Adler

Israel’s goal in West Bank: ‘slaughter Palestinians wholesale instead of retail’

I wouldn't realize that the sign was made to remind those who chose not to see that fact it communicates. If I did, I would further realize that the sign existed as a call for help, and for humanitarian aid for a people who were dying, who were starving for food, for education, and for equality in a world where many of them don't feel welcome, let alone safe. (Bear in mind that I would have to ignore all of the demonizing, subliminal propaganda spewing from the television and media of how "violent", "inferior", and "subordinate" the Palestinians were.)

(Many Americans are fully aware about the suffering that takes place in Palestine, but very few choose to see the suffering that happens right next to them.  This is due to cabal-initiated separatism.)

If I were to educate myself and see that outside my comfortable tourist strip, I might notice that there was a real world of hatred, persecution and selective amnesia regarding the history of the struggles of these people. If I did, I might pick up a paint brush and start making these signs by the hundred. Why? ...Because I value all life and I would realize that not everyone does, and that the needs of some are more pressing than the needs of others.  I would do this because there are careless people who need a reminder, and because I have learned that there is a very pressing need to speak on behalf of someone else.  (For more information in this need, ask any nurse who works in a trauma center.)

Driving While Black: Cops Target Minority Drivers in This Mostly White New Jersey Town

If I were to go to Pakistan, where woman are at worst, tortured and killed for being victimized by a rapist, and at best treated little better than the family pet, and I were to see a sign that said, "Women's Lives Matter", would that sign be sexist? What if I were to say, "It's unfair that these women are trying to marginalize men in this way. Feminism...? What about Masculine-ism? I don't appreciate women trying to dismiss men like this." However, once again, in my complete ignorance and selective vision, I have thoroughly missed the point.

We stand united.

I could go to North Korea, to India, to South Africa, to France, to Nazi Germany, and I would feel like a fool if I were to even begin to say that those asking for help, or speaking out against violence, injustice, and cultural ignorance were wrong for doing so. However, here in America, it is perfectly okay to dismiss that cry, that petition, that sign if it includes the word "black."  If I were an onlooker who held this mindset, the sad fact is that in the lives of those standing right next to me, I choose to be nothing more than a tourist.  This is the effect of cabal-based media (as well as a lack of inner courage).  It is American separatism.

We Can Do Better: Strategies for Racial Unity through Community Restoration

These signs (in the cases mentioned) are not a message of separatism, sexism, classism, favoritism, racism, or any other -ism the cabal superimposes over them. They are simply requests to be heard, for much needed aid, protection, and a call to be accepted by humanity. They are directed toward those who have not yet lent an ear to hear (many of whom refuse to acknowledge the need, and instead consider its expression "offensive").

Now, let's ask a question.  In the case of the oppressed Palestinian, the case of the oppressed Saudi woman, the Pakistani women, the North Korean woman, the Australian Aborigine, the American Native whose history was stolen, the Canadian aboriginal whose land is still being stolen, the South African native, the abused child, the abandoned girl sold into prostitution, the family of the young Latin boy who was unjustly killed by police... In all of these cases, where is "All Lives Matter"?

The Problem with Saying "All Lives Matter"

(Note: This is not to say that "Black Lives Matter" sign is perfect.  It's not.  In fact it may even represent a psy-op in some cases.  Generally speaking, I aim to make the point that when people ask for help, they deserve to be heard.)

Any supposed group that has such a massive title that it would claim advocacy for the entire human race and then never show a bit of support for virtually any of it--by my observation--is a scam.  It is a scam whose message means something completely different than what it actually says.  It is understandable that those who are unaware of such tactics--such as those the cabal commonly uses to maintain division--do not see this inconsistency.  However, to those who do, this inconsistency is unmistakable.  This is not to say that we cannot turn the sign of "All Lives Matter" into something positive and substantial.  It is simply to say that it began as a fake movement, and a dishonest message (except when firefighters, EMT's, and rescue workers are holding it).

This Is How Oppressed Women Are in Saudi Arabia

The fact that this sign only showed up after the Black-Lives movement started tells me that it is another cabal psy-op.  The fact that it only shows up when it is easy as apposed to when it is needed tells me that it was dishonest from the beginning.  When considering the apathy this message seems to accompany, what it actually means is completely diminishing of the plight of everyone else we just discussed.  What the "All-Lives-Matter" signs actually means is specifically directed toward the Black-Lives sign.  The statement is, "Ignore Them. They're Evil".  (This is the exact same message which Israel preaches about Palestinians, and we see this in American media as well.) 

Pakistani Woman Survives Being Shot, Thrown In A Canal For Love Marriage

To hold a Black-Lives sign is not a "racist" act.  (There is a difference between being racist, and simply assuming one's self to be alone.)  We cannot say that it is without demonizing everyone else we have discussed.  Just like all of the signs of the oppressed, it is a request from those in dire need. It is an eye exam.  To refrain from instantaneously condemning it is a test of courage, a test of empathy, of spirit, and of cultural and national awareness, but to be fair, it does require a slight translation.

(Note: All of us have pain, all of us have needs, and all of us deserve to be heard.  However, those who feel the need to march and to speak out typically have more pain and more need than those who simply stay silent.  When they speak, whoever they may be, I believe it is our duty as human beings to listen.  If we all learned to listen to each other in this way, the world would change in a very short time.  Though I do believe that this group should develop an advocacy for more of those who do not have a voice.  There are plenty of those in danger and in dire need from multiple ethnicities, and I believe it is time to band together.)

It is understandable that some don't want to hear this. These people are not typically the progressive types, but they do exist. So right now, I am talking to the people who are progressive and the empathetic If you have a generational wound which the media marginalizes and yet is continually reopening, and if you have in your history a multigenerational crime against humanity that was never rectified, but only had a band-aid placed over it, the problem will still exist.

Also, if you try your best to be a good person and to live a good life, but you have in your history, family who may have committed crimes against humanity, you will have a heavy heart, and this is not at all easy to get over.  The fact that society is still largely segregated means that the wound is still not healed on either side. It is still open. It will only heal when the courageous among us bridge the divide between us.

Safe Horizons - Child Abuse Facts

Personally, I believe that if The Game and the L.A.P.D. can form a comradery, the rest of us have absolutely no excuse.  Click the link below to see another example of how easy and short of a conversation it takes for two sides to become one.

CNN - No More Walls - Opposing Protests Come Together in Unity

"We are committed to collectively, lovingly and courageously working vigorously for freedom and justice for Black people and, by extension all people. As we forge our path, we intentionally build and nurture a beloved community that is bonded together through a beautiful struggle that is restorative, not depleting." 

- Black Lives Matter Affirmation

The fact is that the "Black-Lives-Matter" movement and the honest and knowledgeable among "All-Lives-Matter" movement want the exact same thing. The media has plaid its usual game of divide and concur on this front.  They have made many of us believe that these were opposing messages, but they never were, and it is our job to directly and consciously reject their psy-op.

As a country, we have a wound that needs to heal.  This wound is literally hundreds of years old, and it exists on both sides of the isle.  We have all felt rejected.  We have all felt discriminated against in one way or another.  (In many cases, this feeling reflected reality, but in others it may have only been imaginary.)  We have all been brainwashed, manipulated, and used by a group of psychopaths who have been addicted to pulling strings.

We have not interacted homogeneously because we have been taught to see others a “different”, and sometimes even as less-than.  It is time to change this.  It is time to make our own healthy observations in life, to form our own thought, and to make our own choices.  It is time to see one another as humans, and to get on with our lives as the family that we are.

Pastors make a plea for immigrants, racial unity and protection of police

It is time for the walls to come down.  Caucasians, slavery was not your personal fault, and your skin does not make you guilty.  No one who ever brings this subject up to you will ever blame you.  (If they do, send them my way, and we will have a talk about constructiveness and forward progress.)  If people offer to respectfully speak with you about issues of race, it is because they realize that the psy-op needs to stop.  (One common trend is that those in greatest denial of the issue have the deepest wounds to tend to.  So let's be patient with them.)

The charade needs to end, and the fictitious pyramid needs to come down.  This is how unity is forged, it is how wounds are healed, and how humankind is freed.    It has been long enough.  It's time to unite.

A Call to Unity

It is more than admirable what these brave men and women of Las Angeles, of Dallas, and elsewhere have initiated for the sake of unity.  Words cannot describe the monumentally positive impact which even these first steps will have.  It has been long predicted that the times we are presently in would be times of great change, and that humanity would either have a chance for magnificent expansion and growth, or for catastrophic destruction.  It seems clear that the positive path is the one which has chosen, and this has been my feeling for quite a while now.  Not only do I still believe this, I can see it physically taking shape.

We can see this positive path unfolding if we choose.  Everywhere we look, we see signs of productive change, though in order to do this, we must be discerning.  We must frequent reliable sources, and learn to question the corporate side of media (along with all media) which has so frequently deceived us in the past.  However, beside what we see in the world around us, the solution to all that ails us, and the answers to community, provincial, to national and world issues rest within each of us.

The crime syndicates of yesterday are likely being rounded up, confined, and questioned as even as you read these words.  Yet their trial and punishment is only the beginning of the magnanimous changes we are to see in the present and in the near future.  Along with undoing the centuries worth of manipulation and exploitation, there are numerous secrets which these criminals have kept from society for the sake of maintaining power and control.  This secrecy will end the moment we are collectively ready to learn the truth behind the proverbial curtain, and to learn the rest of the story which the corporate media has tried so hard to keep hidden from us.

As we say goodbye to the criminal conspiracies of yesterday, let's ask ourselves what it is we truly want, more than anything else.  Let's have the courage to admit that these benevolent desires are very possible as long as we keep them in sight, and that just as we have seen the impossible unfold before our eyes, let's imagine a world where "impossibility" is nothing more than a memory.

Love to all souls.  Here's to change.  Let's get this done.

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  1. Thank you! Wonderful article! A bit lengthy, but you covered all the basis. I've been thinking the same way for about a year, but feel I can't express it because I am a white women.
    Let's unite and bring them down!
    No hate, no false oppression, just Love and unity!
    Again, Great article.
    Love, Tina

  2. Long article! Perhaps trimming it down to the core and providing links for further reading might help. I mostly just glossed over the titles and skimmed paragraphs. Love how you fellars are very thorough though. Being thorough doesn't mean you can't trimmed it down though. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your research, perspective and insight! You wove the information and insight together in a coherent and beautiful message that made me feel so very hopeful about the future☮

  4. I'm a melancholy man, that's what I am,
    All the world surrounds me, and my feet are on the ground.
    I'm a very lonely man, doing what I can,
    All the world astounds me and I think I understand
    That we're going to keep growing, wait and see.

    When all the stars are falling down
    Into the sea and on the ground,
    And angry voices carry on the wind,
    A beam of light will fill your head
    And you'll remember what's been said
    By all the good men this world's ever known.
    Another man is what you'll see,
    Who looks like you and looks like me,
    And yet somehow he will not feel the same,
    His life caught up in misery, he doesn't think like you and me,
    'Cause he can't see what you and I can see.

    (moody blues, 1970)