Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekly Update with Hilarion - June 5 - A Mirror to Your Soul

Beloved Ones,

During these days life has taken on a period of receiving downloads, processing downloads, integrating downloads and assimilating and balancing the energies. Your days are filled with these. Time passes either quickly or slowly depending on the needs of the moment. Much passes before your observing consciousness. That which has been held within humanity’s astral bodies are surfacing and cleansing, this is what the great purging is all about. The majority of humanity is ready to move on, they have made this choice. Now it is a matter of doing the work, being consistent and persistent, doing all that is necessary in order to see it through to the end.

The Astral/Emotional Body

Life at times seems to be a dream. All that is happening around you has the element of the unreal and this is because you are experiencing greater clarity as you cleanse from your being all the concepts and perceptions that your society has conditioned you to. Reality - true spirit, works on very simple but eternal principles and basic precepts. In the physical world, mind is the builder or the destroyer. The decision made of which one that you choose either catapults you forward in a great leap forward or finds you feeling stuck in a quagmire of recurring and recycling thought-forms that are trying to help you see what yet remains to be loved into wholeness.

21 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

In the overall perspective, Dear Ones, it is all good. Have patience with all that is occurring. It is a difficult time for everyone on the planet and it is easy to become discouraged. When this happens, just take a rest from the fray, so to speak, to give yourself time for renewal and the regaining of your strength, equilibrium and optimism. Then you can come back invigorated and fully able to resist any lower thought forms that come into your sphere of activity. Life without joy and laughter makes life’s lessons hard to discern. When the mind is filled with laughter and humorous thoughts, every burden becomes much easier to bear.

Seek to see your highest vision – state your intent: “I desire to embody the God of my being” and do this 10 times before sleep each night. Your Divine Essence seeks this confirmation from you, this acknowledgement that you desire a greater connection. You will begin to receive daily guidance on the next step to take on your path and you will always be protected. As this intent becomes second nature within you, you are then always aligned to the choices that are for your highest and greatest good. Your Divine Essence wants you to experience the very best that this world has to offer.

Why Raising Your Energy Vibration Is So Important

Sometimes, it is through a time of darkness and losing your way that the greatest Light comes into your field of consciousness. It is important to look for the lesson in every event that you observe or are a part of. “What is it that I need to learn from this experience?” “Why am I feeling this way, what triggered it?” These questions will lead you to discern what you may have missed before and maybe even gain a totally different perspective which will help you through it. Your Divine Essence directs life and its events as a mirror to your soul, showing you a better and more empowering direction. Do not be afraid to look into it. You have all the resources you need to overcome any and all obstacles that may block your forward movement temporarily.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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