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Weekly Update with Hilarion - June 19 - Plus Links and Related Commentary

Beloved Ones,

Love flows like a river across the face of the planet and touches each inhabitant. The winds of change are bringing constant revelation to the surface of their consciousness. Each individual is in the process of discovery about their origin, their true capabilities, and their divinity.

Their soul seeks to know and touch that sublime Presence within them. There is much that is in completion in these moments of time, spiritual contracts are ended and new ones begin. There is a natural connection taking place with souls of like mind that draws each one to the next phase of their soul plan. They gather together to unite their energies in higher purpose. There is a higher love at work now, one that manifests a sense of oneness with their new liaisons.


t is normal for me to find a good majority of synchronicity in the updates from Hilarion.  It is as though the one channeling (or Hilarion himself) is reading from my life story, whether at present, or at some point in the near past.  These synchronizations either come in the form of verbal confirmation or extreme congruency with my present sentiment at the time I read the update.  I don't necessarily depend upon any channeling for guidance, but I very much appreciate how accurate those from Hilarion typically feel.

Soulmates: Soul Family, Soul Groups and Twin Flames

As they assist each other to connect the dots, a higher purpose is revealed and the way forward is made clearer. Like sparks of lightning, the flame within their core essence is being lit and the seeds of truth grow upwards towards the Sun. The regenesis of the Earth and her inhabitants is now in process. The seeds of Light that have been planted find their mark and now take root. Across the planet, the convergence of Light streams into ever widening concentric circles and into the core of the planet. Those who are serving as transducers of cosmic energy flows begin to shine in their radiant luminosity.


Here is yet more congruency with that which I am presently experiencing. I have had numerous endings, along with many new beginnings and introductions. I have even received help and direction from soul guides (after learning how to distinguish the positive from any masquerader), and have been helped in letting go of past experiences. It seems that at every point, the world feels new.

Many are now leaving the planet in accordance with their souls plan. As they do, their Light leaves gossamer threads of Light behind them to linger and add strength to the web of life upon the surface of the planet. With their last breath, they leave the imprint of their impact upon their loved ones who are enriched by the memories that will sustain them. From the other side of the veil, they stop and give thanks for the great opportunity that living life on Earth has blessed them with. They count themselves as the lucky ones, for they were given this gift of experience in order that their souls could accelerate their evolution by pitting themselves against the challenges presented to them.

Cosmic Disclosure with William Henry, Corey Goode, and David Wilcock - Symbiotic Relationships of Ascension - Page 1 


I am not sure who would be leaving the planet. I do know that death happens every day. To be honest, it is not exactly a joyous concept for me to consider. Though I do appreciate the sharing of one thing which I have heard of in the past. That is that the soul (given that one is able to let go of our pasts and appreciate them) experiences extreme joy and gratitude for the experience of life.

At different points in my past, I imagined leaving the planet to be a great joy, not because I was grateful for my experience, but because life seemed so terrible that I could imagine little worse at the time. However, presently, after searching for where my soul truly belongs, I have learned that the next density is where I belong. Along with this urge to ascend is a desire to aid others in their own process of graduation. Whether that means simply being an energetic encouragement, or helping directly, I would like to be a help in this way. There is only a question of how to apply this urge to assist.

Know this, Beloved Ones, there are no souls who hold bitterness as they cross to the other side. In their hearts they hold profound gratitude for each experience that gained their soul the divine qualities they have so dearly earned. In all the universes, there is no planet that can give so much accelerated growth in such a short span of time. In all the worlds that exist, the Earth is the coveted planet of magic and wonder amid the vast richness of experience. This is usually not appreciated nor thought about when in their human body, but is always profoundly acknowledged when the soul departs.

The Afterlife Investigations: A Featured Documentary - Credible, Scientific Evidence that Suggests that Life Does Go On 


I think it is important to realize that before leaving this planetary sphere, we must realize that the experience is not at its true potential. Though I understand that we all come to this planet for different purposes and experiences, these experiences have much more to offer than that which we may have had.

As I understand it, there are countless experiences of incarnation for a soul to have. There are also numerous planets and densities through which a soul can have these experiences. The choices are nearly endless, and no matter how difficult one incarnation may be, I believe it is always a good thing to be grateful for each opportunity of incarnation. After all, as infinite, divine consciousness, the comparatively instantaneous experience of pain and discomfort is virtually nothing. As we may realize afterward, the unpleasantries can be a blessing as well.

How Gratitude Can Help You Through Hard Times

In their lives upon the planet, humanity fears the experience of death of their human body. When their soul leaves and discards their human vehicle, great freedom is returned and the soul is reacquainted with the wholeness of their greater Being. There is great joy and exhilaration that occurs. There are reunions with their loved ones who left the Earth before them and their joy knows no bounds. They are reunited with the souls who played the roles of their pets, and they know unequivocally that life never ceases, it merely changes form. The lightness of their new body brings them constant delight and celebration. It is a time of rejoicing.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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