Monday, June 13, 2016

Cobra - Update for June 13 - Chania Conference Report and Two Cobra Interviews

Our Ascension Conference in Chania was a huge success. It was located in one of rare places on the planet where pure Goddess energy is still present. From all our conferences until now, this one had the most Light and harmony present and everything was flowing with ease. This gave us a glimpse of taste of what our lives after the Event will be. 

Therefore we can invite you on two Ascension conferences which will be taking place in July in Asia.

The first one in Chiang Mai, Thailand on July 2nd and 3rd:

And the second one in Taipei, Taiwan on July 16th and 17th:

You are welcome to join us!

Until then, you can read two Cobra interviews.

The first one was on AGN Veg Global here:

The second one was a joint interview with Randy Cramer, Red Dragon Ambassador and Rob Potter here:

The Youtube version of that interview is here:

There is much happening behind the scenes but unfortunately not much that can be reported to the surface population. Situation update will re released as soon as it will be strategically wise to release it.

Victory of the Light!


Before the interview portion of the update, I felt it a good idea to give a preface on the subject of manifesting the Event, the full disclosure, as well as the greatest possible outcome resulting from these. In this situation (and in any situation) it is important to keep in mind that we ourselves are the creators and co-creators of the situation. Disclosure is an inevitable process, I believe, and a step toward our spiritual and energetic maturity as a planet. It is of the utmost importance that we create this situation consciously and confidently. The process to do this is simple.

Image, if you will, receiving that which you desire most in life—that thing within your heart of hearts that has always been at the back of your mind, and which you have desired more than anything. Maybe you forgot what it was at one point. Maybe you convinced yourself that it was impossible, or immature, or even unrealistic to desire such a thing. However, this benevolent desire within you is of your own divine inspiration, and may very well represent an aspect of your purpose for incarnating here at this momentous point in history. In order to manifest this, all you need to do is the keep it in your mind.

Think about how astounded you will be when you finally have your dream before your eye, how incredible the experience will be, and how your life will change. Think about how you might see the world if you believed your dreams were absolutely possible. Now, stay with this feeling, and when you are ready, let it go, knowing (KNOWING) it will come back to you in the physical world. This is a foundation of manifestation. This is how we will have the most positive disclosure and global awakening process imaginable. So as we listen to the latest interview from Cobra, I would like us all to keep this with us, and to create the most amazing and expansive experience possible.

GoldFish Report No 53 Exopolitics Round Table Part 2 Ambassador, COBRA, Randy Cramer & Rob Potter 

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