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Music to Inspire, Guide to Connecting with Higher Consciousness, and a Word from Hilarion - April 3, 2016

Connecting to Higher Consciousness

As with the other channeled massages I post, I wanted to include various connection techniques for connecting with, and receiving information from the higher self, the soul, and other higher, positive beings. Below is the process by which we can connect during meditation.

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  1. Sit upright in a comfortable chair. You may also lay down on your back. As long as your body is symmetrically positioned and relaxed, this is the goal.

  2. Close your eyes and take 2 or 3 slow, deep breaths.

  3. Next, state your intention aloud to connect and receive information from sources (of your choice) who are 100% in the light. (This is an important step to take so that we can avoid deception and any negativity we may not be presently aware of.)

  4. Next we bring our awareness within. We can do this by starting at the root chakra and working our way up each of the chakra until we reach the crown. Finally, we may bring our attention back to our heart chakra, in the center of the chest. (Admittedly, I don't always complete this step. Though it may be a good practice for raising internal awareness for the sake of whole body involvement. For those interested in a more thorough experience, feel free to include this step.)

  1. Next we ground. To do this, simply picture in your mind's eye, a long cord of rope or energy (however you picture a strong connection to be) from the root chakra down to the center of the Earth. It is also possible to ground up to the center of the universe (or the center of all that is). To do this, picture your connection from your crown chakra up to the center of the universe (though you don't actually need to know its location).

    Note... Our imagination is actually a tool of creation, and in meditation, we use it to create the situation that we need in order to connect. This is an elaboration upon the notion that focus determines outcome

    People may wonder why the placebo effect works so consistently that every medical experiment performed on humans requires that it be taken into account. This is why. (We aren't told this by the medical establishment because it would be a strong indicator that we don't really need them as much as we've been taught, but that's another subject entirely.)

  2. When we have done all of this, then we affirm and invoke our protective measures. We can do this by asking for a connection with those 100% in the light, and in 100% service to others. We can also restate our intentions, asking our angels for 100% protection from deception, interference, inaccurate information, or anything else we may want to avoid.

    (Note is that when we use our imagination to accomplish these things, we must be completely confident that that which we create is created instantaneously. It is important that we do not doubt our own creation because if we do, our creation will have less integrity. Our faith in ourselves, and our ability as divine creators must be strong (though it is important to avoid arrogance), as this faith is the foundation of everything we accomplish as beings. In this, self love, and self support are key. As we learn these principles, we become one step closer to gaining our full ability as omnipotent creators, but this is a bit farther down the road.)

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  3. Now it is time to connect with your desired positive being, whether it be your higher self, your soul, an ascended master, or another being who is in 100% light. It is helpful to have a pen and paper ready so that you can write down the information you receive. As you connect, it is important that you do not try to force the information to come. The reception of higher information is a passive process. The active portion involved the setting of our intention, and establishment of our protection. As we sit afterward, this is when we let the information come. (As you write, you will, of course, have your eyes open periodically. This is fine, just make sure to stay in the calm you have created within yourself.)

  4. When you are satisfied with our session of connection, remember, it is important to allow some cool-down time. Give yourself a moment to bring your awareness back to the physical world. Bring your awareness back to your arms and legs. You may take a deep breath or two, and when you feel ready, open your eyes. (Note that over time, this process will become obsolete. As you learn to connect, you will eventually gain the ability to create this calm space instantly, wherever you are, and in whatever situation you may be in.)

With these steps in mind, one must remember that there is no guarantee that these techniques will work for absolutely everyone. Though they have worked for me, there are several factors which can affect an individual's ability to receive information from higher consciousness. There can be potential hazards for those who do not first learn to control the self in confidence. If you do not feel confident enough to maintain positive intent and focus, I would strongly advise postponing such connection attempts until this discipline is first learned. As always, discernment is necessary in pursuing any such connection.

It is also important to remember that as we apply these practices, the information we receive will only have as much integrity as we, ourselves, do as human beings in thought, intent, and in our conduct. If we are somewhat positive people, but have a tendency to veer toward the negative here and there, this will be the nature of our connection, as well as the information we receive. If we are disciplined in our conduct in these matters, and do our best to be positive within, as well as to be a positive influence upon everyone with whom we interact, our connection and information will be all the more reliable. As with any situation in life, we receive what we give.

Hilarion - Update for April 3, 2016

Beloved Ones,

The new beginning that everyone has been waiting for has quietly arrived, without bells, whistles or trumpet blares. It comes as a quiet, peaceful feeling within the depths of one’s being and gently takes root within the garden of one’s soul. Peace within, at last! Let it slowly and gently unfold and blossom, allowing its gifts to be seen and felt. The stillness of the universe waits poignantly for the petals within each soul to unfurl, the radiance within to shine through to work its magic in the world!

The cup of Life in all its glory and majesty beckons one to partake of the elixir of knowingness, in full participation of the celebration of its diverse creation. What glory exuberantly makes its presence known! The beauty of the world waits for each soul to discover in moments of peaceful stillness. Each is a miracle and a blessing to the one who beholds it if they but pause to recognize and savour it. As the sacred scriptures of the last era recorded in psalms 46:10, “be still and know that I am God”, this is what is now required of humanity, to connect with the sacred divinity within them.

Inner reflections will continue to bring forth revelations that aid in moving you forward on your path through Earthly life. It is a time of inner growth and transformation on a more profound and more manifest visible level. All that was in your life to the present moment is coming back once more for you to reflect on how much you have grown in your perceptions and understanding, your sense of empathy and compassion, your innate goodness and innocence and in your experience of wielding your power to choose your response to all of it. No matter how painful, you were willing to face the truths revealed to you with a loving and caring heart.

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Now, as these things pass through you, you see the value that each experience has brought to you. You learned the value of courage and bravery in the face of the risk of losing all that was dear to you and was willing to let it all go, if that was what was required in your soul plan. You learned to look beyond the appearance of a situation and see the bigger picture. You tried to step into the shoes of the ‘other’, to feel what they felt. You learned the value to yourself of observing yourself in all kinds of situations. This, Dear Ones, was for the purpose of adding these spiritual qualities and attributes to your eternal soul’s empowerment, understanding and experience of life in the physical dimension while there was yet the opportunity.

You also learned that honouring and acknowledging self was a priority to your ongoing soul progression. You learned the best ways to nurture not only your spirit, but your human self. You learned when this nurturance was required and you now follow through as a natural course of action. Now a new horizon appears, a new and fresh start is presenting itself to you as you salute and wave goodbye to the past and set sail on a new course of becoming the conscious wielder and manifestor, always seeking the most effortless path to your destiny in a natural, effortless unfolding of your life in a way that moves you toward wholeness and harmony in all things. Focus each day on doing the things that bring you joy; live an inspired life where every day opens the door to a new exciting adventure.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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