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Weekly Update with Hilarion - February 28, 2016

Beloved Ones,

You are experiencing the effects of the previous downloads that have been given and are finding yourselves going within as the inner revelations come. There is much inner work being accomplished as you realize that somewhere along the way, you have become the observer of your own life. This is a mighty step forward and will serve you well when thoughts come up to the surface. You can then simply say to yourself, “Oh, this is old energy, I do not need to do anything with it, I choose to let it go.” Immediately replace this with a happier and more empowering thought that makes you feel good and happy about something positive that is occurring in your life. This is YOU taking back your personal power one thought at a time!

Staying within your center no matter where you go is important during this time as this process keeps you clear so that you always know when the energy of others impinges your consciousness and can take steps to clear it. For some of you who are very sensitive to energies, this is very uncomfortable and requires clearing often. As stated last week, the Total Energy Clearing process done at least once every week is most effective in getting you back to center quickly so that you do not suffer needlessly just because the energies of others’ worries and concerns entered your field. I have asked the scribe to include the link once again in our message.

Those who follow their own star rather than the paths suggested or given by others is the correct way to go. You have everything you need within you and you are linked to the wisdom and knowledge of the Source. Be discerning during these times, there are many who wish to manipulate you for their own economic purposes. Do not be deceived by dire warnings that can fill you with fear and worry. Staying in tune with your higher wisdom will always keep you in a state of balance and equilibrium which then allows clarity in one’s thought processes to keep them on the right path. These paths are diverging widely at this time so having clarity of mind is important.

When you avoid the pitfalls of entrapment into someone else’s agenda, you are living true to self and your pathway is cleared of heavy emotions and drama and becomes one that is harmonious and peaceful and this attracts harmonious events and activities to you. You are allowing the good things that are available to you to have the platform to connect with you. Many new doors and opportunities are opening to you and life’s blessings and gifts are eager to come in. Relax and enjoy these moments. Do not give up on your own ability to make the right choices even as you venture into uncharted and unknown territory. Use your own creativity and imagination to continue to create a new world filled with promise and beauty.

As you continue to go through great changes and learn to use your ability to deal with the discovery of what you are capable of in this new territory, you find yourself and begin to explore the myriad possibilities that beckon. Align with this new adventure and begin your life anew! Know that it is taking place now and that you are an integral part of it all. You are so very creative and are being inspired to head into the ideas that present themselves to you, for works of art, creative stories, music and the other gifts that lie waiting beneath the surface of your new self!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

Update by Marlene Swetlishoff - February 28-March 6, 2016

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