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Suppose that just as our planet was born roughly 4.54 billion years ago, there was another planet.  Only that planet was born roughly eight billion years ago. That's 3.46 billion years before Earth.

(The image is a bit dark in some areas, but what is stated on the slide is also states above.)

Suppose they went through their own hunter-gatherer phase, their medieval, and pre-industrial stages.  They may have had their own version of an industrial revolution, their post-industrial society.  Suppose that they got pretty good at manufacturing technology.  They figured out how to do the internet, how to build land vehicles, bullet trains, and supersonic aircraft.

Imagine that they eventually learned how to travel into space and visit their adjacent planetary bodies.

Then they get into totally advanced technology, like free energy, teleportation, and food replicators.  Now suppose they got into some of the most wild technology that we can't even conceive of.  They would eventually master interstellar travel, and be able to go almost anywhere they wanted in the galaxy.

This is what happened 2.6 billion years ago right here in our own solar system, according to the Law of One texts as well as insider of the SSP.  There are ruins everywhere in our system that date back to right around this 2.6 billion-year mark.


The Law of One

These beings evolved and advanced in ways we are only beginning to understand, and we are evolving in the same way as they did.

There is one scientist out there who went several steps farther than the rest.  This scientist actually showed that you can turn one species into another.

Wilcock has been doing presentations on Dr. Kanchzhen for a good while now, but this time, he actually got a hold of him.

Kanchzhen was glad to be noticed here in the States.  So he sent over photos of his lab.

Up until now, this was all we had of Kanchzhen's lab setup before he sent over new pictures.

He placed a live duck inside this pentagonal chamber.  He also placed a microwave generator inside this chamber.  (These are low-level microwaves.)  Attached to this chamber are hollow, copper pipes which lead to a small room, where live chicken eggs are placed.

So we have these low-level microwaves passing through and around a duck, being passed through copper tubing, and into the small room where the chicken eggs are sitting.

Here are the results from Kanchzhen's experiments.

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David Wilcock on Dr. Kanchzhen

Here is where the chicken eggs are placed.

This is what a duck looks like.  ...just to be thorough.

This is the chicken, but these are no ordinary chicks.  These are "duck'ens".  The eggs actually hatched to be half chicken/half duck beings.

This used to be the best picture we had of the duck'hen.

This is supposed to be a chicken's foot, but it clearly has webbing.

You can see that the neck, the feet, and the eyes all resemble those of a duck.  Yet these eggs came from a chicken.

According to conventional science, this should not be possible.

Once again, here is the chicken foot with webbing.

Lets see if this process works with other organisms.

You get "Whorn"!

Here is Dr. Kanchzhen in his whorn crop.  It's corn with wheat stocks on the top.  Monsanto clearly hates him.  They actually burred his research hoping that no one would find it.


He charged his seed inside this chamber just like a pyramid.  Kanchzhen uses this chamber to make his seeds more healthy, and as Wilcock states, it's quite effective.  He also uses it to combine the genetics of the corn and wheat.  He could theoretically do this with any species he wants.

Here, he is posing in front of his egg-shaped chamber.

These are all picture that Dr. Kanchzhen sent Wilcock from his lab.  He was excited to be noticed for his work, so he included this photo of himself with one of his turkeys.

No, the dog is not some weird hybrid.  It's just "different"-looking.

Here is Kanchzhen once again with the duck'hen in formaldohide.  They all ended up dying, but he had one preserved.

Dr. Kanchzhen may actually visit us here in America so that he can perform this experiment on a larger scale.

...Just a question.

Lets see how far we can take this principle.

This is Dr. Peter Gariaev at his lab.

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Interview with Dr. Peter Gariaev

Basically, Dr. Gariaev placed salamander eggs on top of frog eggs using a specialized setup, and zapped them with a laser.  The result was a complete metamorphosis.

The frog eggs completely charged into salamander eggs, and showed no sign that they were ever frog eggs to begin with.

As amazing as this sounds, it is only the half of what lies within this concept.  The fact is that this is happening to us right now.

All we need is some kind of light code in order to achieve our own metamorphosis.

It is exciting to look into the future to try to understand what we might become, but in order to find the evidence that this is actually happening to us, we need to look into the past.

The DNA is changing because the informational/energetic influx is changing.

This is basically the English busting American chops, but at the same time, it is a very revealing study.  Here in America, our heads have become larger, and our jaws have become smaller and more narrow through the centuries.

This is happening to all of us.

Reference Article...

Americans' heads are getting bigger - in just 150 years, the volume of the average skull has grown by the size of a tennis ball

This is soft disclosure in "dribs and drabs".

Reference Article...

Why aliens might look like you: DNA could be a 'universal constant' - making humans and ET closer to 'cousins'

Human evolution has sped up to 100 times faster in the last 5,000 years.  We are 7% different than our ancient counterparts.  You could say that our DNA antenna is changing, and the signal we are receiving is changing as well.

According to The Daily Galaxy, human evolution has become "supercharged" in the last 5 millennia.

Reference Article...

Is the Human Species in Evolution's Fast Lane?

Here is soft disclosure from BBC as well.

Reference Article...

Human evolution is 'speeding up'

Human IQ seems to be increasing 3 points every ten years, and this cannot be connected to mere literacy because the tests included abstract, non-verbal patterns as apposed to simple reading.

The clues are all present in mainstream science.  It's just that no one within the mainstream has managed to put them all together.


The Flynn Effect


This graph represents the amount of the entirety of new species that just show up on Earth throughout our known, fossil records.  Where are these species coming from?

Something is rewriting the DNA of all life on Earth.  

Raup and Seposki were almost correct.  They said that the interval of evolutionary change was 26 million years, but as Wilcock stated, it's actually closer to 25 million years.

Reference Image...

Family Extinction Rate

At 542 million years ago, we see the cambrian explosion.  At that time, the Earth went from simple, microbial life to the extensive diversity we are familiar with.
It may have been that at some point in our distant past, some type of genetic farmer race dropped off all the ingredients to make sure this all happened correctly.

Reference Article...

Mass extinction comes every 62 million years, UC physicists discover


Notice the cycle changes its interval.

Every 62 million years we get a fundamental change in all cataloged DNA on the planet (according to fossil records), and then the cycle downgrades to 26 million year.

So what do we have?  We have a galactic orbit of 250 million years, or more accurately, 248 million years. What's one quarter of of 248?  ...62.  What's one tenth of 250?  ...25.

Reference Article...

What The Government Doesn't Want You To Know About UFOs

26-Million-Year Cycle and 62-Million-Year Cycle

This is what's happening to our galaxy.  The galaxy is nested within this geometry.  Remember the slides of all of the geometric galaxies?

The octahedron corresponds to the four intervals.  The icoshedron corresponds to the ten.

The arms spin as the geometry sits still.  (There may even be a counter rotation within the geometry.)  The corners of this geometry are where all of the change takes place.  This is where the light is, where the code is, and where the energy for mass, spontaneous evolution reside, and mainstream science has already produced the data to prove it.


This is why we see the 10 notches followed by 4 notches.  The truth is that the universe functions in this way.  Evolution is not random.  It's sequential, geometric, organized, and to a degree, predictable.  It's everywhere, happening right now.

The cabal has hidden this from us.  This change is happening right now, yet they wants to delay the change for another hundred years.  Consequently, we are not going to be free unless we fight for the truth.

In order to attain our true freedom, we have to fight for it.

Life wants to take us to the next level, but we have to choose to advance.  It is not up to someone else to "allow" us to have what we want, or to save us from what we don't.  The choice and initiative belong to us.

Much of the material in this presentation can found at the Blue Avians website.

(David told of how he does his best to bring new information to conferences such as CLE, but that it gets difficult because he delivers most of everything on GaiaTV, and that platform doesn't yield much of an income.  It's inexpensive as it is, and he and Corey Goode literally only make cents on the dollar for any subscription.  So if you like what you find on GaiaTV, sign up through the link below.  Otherwise, he and Corey don't get any credit.)

Go to , and you will be able to sign up for one month for $0.99.  You can binge-watch for a month if you like, or you can subscribe.

This material is powerful yes, but it is even more so for one particular reason.  This information completely debunks "partial disclosure".  If we can learn this--if people can learn the truth--we can get this evolutionary advancement without having to deal with the cabal's games for another century.

This information totally supports what Corey Goode has been saying.  The science is sound.

The evolutionary leap is progressing, but how fast it progresses is up to us.  The spheres are here to keep things from getting too dangerous with regard to these changes, but no matter what, it's going to happen.  It could even happen late this year, if we so choose.  According to numerous ancient prophecies, as well as the Law of One text, we quite literally become Christ.  Lets do this now, as apposed to waiting another lifetime.

The Sphere Beings are waiting to see if we push for full disclosure.  If we don't (and this is not very pleasant to hear) they will actually wait another 100 years to allow the change to happen.  If we don't fight for Full Disclosure, we get more phony financial systems, more "drib-drab" disclosure, more genocidal madness, more chances for the cabal/Illuminati to turn us into cyborgs, and to ultimately accomplish their depopulation agenda.

The AI is trying to advance to a state of complete control, just as it has in multiple other galaxies, and the cell phones are the first step.  The true Luciferian force is actually an AI presence.  This agenda is what Google, Apple, and Facebook want to achieve.  In 20 years, they want to make "the chip" mandatory, and partial disclosure is designed to advance this agenda.  The cabal wants for man and machine to become one, and if this happens, we completely loose our ability to choose.  At that point, the AI would have complete control.  We cannot let this happen.

In order to prevent this, lets make the effort to become who we want to be--to be the positive influence that we wish we could experience in others.  Meditation is key.  You don't even need to be good at it.  Simply make the effort.

On this note, you can join all of us in world-wide, group meditation happening weekly on Sundays at 7 pm GMT.  Simply follow this link for the details. Weekly Event Meditation

You are the change you want to see.  You are the savior you are waiting for.  Be that change.  Be that savior.  This fundamental and monumental change is inevitable, but it's also participatory.  It's waiting for you.

Meditate with us, and if the information in this article rings true to you, share the information wherever people may listen.   The truth is our power and the key to our freedom.  Lets use it.  Lets be it.

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