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Flat Earth and AstroTurf: An In-Depth Examination of the Line Between Information and Disinformation


Myth Disinformation Half-Truth Propaganda Psy OpThis article is an objective exploration and critique of the ideology known as “flat-Earth”. It is not an attempt to dismiss "all" subject-matters of discussion on the topic, nor is it an endless discussion on shape. I believe that some of the possible conspiracies discussed within the theory require further study and exploration (though none of these considerable conspiracies originated from the theory itself). There are, however, a concerning amount of common characteristics between modern disinformation tactics and the typical flat-Earth presentation. This article is intended to root these tactics out, and to bring to light possible reasons behind their frequent use within these presentations.

I believe it is a good and responsible practice to explore a subject matter as an exercise in mental responsibility. However, that same mental responsibility requires us to question the reasoning behind any information we receive so as to fully determine its true origin, and the intent behind its communication. Please know that throughout this article, the intent is to uncover any possible cabal tactics used by flat-Earth presenters. It is these tactics that are the target, and no particular person or persons within the flat-Earth movement. The goal is to reveal the truth, not to accuse. You, the reader, are responsible for your own opinions and conclusions thereabout. With that said, let us continue.


“Astroturf” is a term used to describe fictitious grassroots movements which appear to be initiated by ordinary people engaging in common cooperative efforts, but in reality these movements are created, funded, and perpetuated by corporate and financial interests for deceptive and/or divisive purposes.

In recent years, there seems to be an explosion of new movements and organizations forming left and right, each for their own individual purpose. It can be very difficult sometimes to wade through the numerous names and causes in order to determine which is truly authentic, and it requires a critical, knowledgeable, and discerning eye to determine the true purpose of each one. In order to do so, it can be very useful to not simply listen to the message of a source or group, but to examine the method by which that message is communicated. After examining both message and method of numerous videos on the flat-Earth theory, and speaking to a number of people who faithfully subscribe to it, I have noticed multiple concerning similarities between this movement and the common-place, cabal manipulation typically found within “astroturf” movements. Lets take a look at these similarities.

The Dividing Factor

This modern age of change is said to be unique from any other in history. People of all walks of life seem to be waking up by the thousands to the truth and value of their own identity, to the limitless possibilities of life, as well as that which is working to prevent us from reaching our true potential. They are beginning to see the ills of our modern global situation, as well as the cause of these ills. These are the psychopathic greed, callousness, and destructiveness of a small group of manipulative elitists who are bent upon world domination and control.

One of the main tactics of choice for this criminal cabal is known as “divide and conquer”, or “divide and rule”. Many will know this to be the method of strategically determining any differences within a population—whether actual or fictitious—and exploiting those differences in order to turn the population against itself. The elite will then freely exploit the population while blaming every problem that arises upon one particular group, causing the rest of the population to oppose that group, and ultimately maintain division of the masses. This method of blame and diversion ensures that no one figures out the true cause of societal problems, allowing the elitists to maintain power. This method is used within virtually every society, whether it be related to race, gender, religion, ideology, or economic status. It has also, at times, been used to divide the truth movement.
The subjects of focus within the truth movement are numerous and broad-spectrum. Consequently, differences of opinion are common. These differences are not typically a problem. However, any difference can become a problem if those who hold a particular opinion choose to ignore the importance of the free will of others, and choose instead to force their own beliefs upon them. Many extremist religions and belief systems use this forceful, absolutist position to spread their message. Though these religions and groups may have a remnant of truth hidden within their messages, that truth is rendered powerless because the forcefulness of these groups disallows any true, natural development within any individual. Instead, these groups force their would-be followers down a prefabricated set of ideas for the ultimate goal of unified thought control among large populations. This method of submission to artificial absolutism is in stark contrast to the more natural, life-honoring method enjoyed by the majority of those within the truth movement. This absolutism has also been used to spread flat-Earth ideology.

The absolutism with which the shape-of-the-Earth concept is communicate has historically been used by elitists to successfully divide otherwise unified populations. If this method is applied for a long enough period of time, this division will occur. It is unavoidable. Some will submit to the idea simply because of its forcefulness, while others see its lack of respect for free will, and resist. This use of absolutism has caused me to question the true origin of the flat-Earth concept and the true motives of its main spokespeople. With this in mind, one might wonder as to how such absolutism might be applied. For the answer, lets continue.

Insult and Degradation

The term “conspiracy theorist” has, for some time now, been used as a derogatory term to describe anyone and everyone who has chosen to think for themselves with regard to the causes of the conditions of our world. These people are put down by the establishment because they are a direct threat to the control and power of the establishment. On the same token, these “theorists” are put down by those termed “sheeple” because they (the sheeple) are completely dependent upon the fictitious supremacy of the establishment, as this establishment gives them the feeling of safety and stability. The term “conspiracy theorist” exists because ridicule, degradation, and dismissal of any opposing ideology are common and effective tools of the cabal and their media.

This ridicule is a common tool used by flat-Earth presenters, as well, to shame and degrade anyone who disagrees with their shape-of-the-Earth idea. Many of these presentations include not just simple information, but also include derogatory language and tones which are directed at anyone who may otherwise disagree with the shape concept (a tactic of psychological manipulation which employs a process known as “one-trial learning”). Those who disagree with such a concept may be left feeling degraded and of lower esteem than those who agree simply for the sake of avoiding insult. Those who agree with such presenters, then go out into their lives believing that their “eyes have been opened”, and doing their best to spread the message to all who will listen, sometimes even making sure to be just as insulting, manipulative, and/or absolutist as the original presenters. They may be convinced of the shape concept, but beside the words of the original flat-Earth presenters, many do not know why they, themselves, are convinced. They believe that they are thinking and speaking for themselves even when they may be doing nothing more than parroting a Youtube video.

Many flat-Earth presenters can come across cynical, arrogant, egotistical, degrading, and hostile toward any form of disagreement. This method of degradation is typically done in order to raise the apparent status of the speaker, especially if the speaker does not have any real authority on the subjects they discuss. Insult and disrespect are the lowest and cheapest ways to qualify one's self as a dependable source of information, and this method is commonly used in flat-Earth presentations (For more information on psychological manipulation, click here.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_manipulation).

The Unproductive Focus

Most if not everyone I have chatted with about the flat-Earth concept ends up agreeing with me, that with regard to the improvement of world conditions, governments, business, societal issues, the environment, and overall change, that the shape of the Earth is, for the most part, irrelevant. To demonstrate this, all one needs to do is to consider every conspiracy discussed within the flat-Earth ideology, and then logically remove the shape-of-the-Earth concept while observing the impact. It doesn't take much mental effort to see that not a single conspiracy is affected by this removal. In fact, each and every one of these conspiracies stands on its own with no dependency whatsoever upon shape.

If we can all agree that the shape issue does not matter, then why does every flat-Earth video demonstrate such a strong fixation on the concept? If it truly doesn't matter, why would anyone physically invest such a galactic amount of energy, resources, engineering and construction efforts, just to fool you on the matter? If it truly doesn't matter, give me any logical reason why anyone with that amount of power would care that much to keep the secret from you, especially when they could save all of that time, energy, and headache by simply telling you the truth. If it truly doesn't matter, then why is the theory and society named after it? The name itself is an admission of a fixation upon a moot point—a benign and inconsequential concept that does not provoke any real change at all. If this is true, who might benefit from this lack of change?

Corporate-Style Deception

One common tactic of disinformation in modern-day astroturf is to propose that deception has been attempted when in fact, the proposal of deception is itself, deception. For instance, it is common for disinformation or “disinfo” agents to claim that a certain picture found online is supposedly published by a government agency, an office of law enforcement, or recently published by NASA. This image is then criticized for being ridiculous, fraudulent, or to have malicious intent attached to it. However, in reality, the image never came from the source it is claimed to be from. The image itself is a forgery, created by the disinfo agent. This is commonly done in the hopes that truth-seekers will fall for the lie and spread the disinformation far and wide, discrediting themselves and diverting others from their search for true information. It seems quiet possible that flat-Earth presenters used this same tactic.

It is common for these presenters to claim that school has deceived us all by “conditioning us to believe in a spherical Earth”. I suppose this is a fair question to ask, but to make such a preemptive accusation is a bit excessive and presumptuous, in my opinion. What would be the benefit of changing Earth's shape in this case? Would this difference of shape change anything other than the globe in the corner of the room or the diagram on the computer screen? History would still be distorted to serve cabal interests, science would still be manipulated so that no one could make too much progress, and mathematics might not even change at all. This accusation is made without any proof ever being presented by those making it. Though school does have a way of conditioning students in different ways, I have yet to hear any logical reason as to why anyone would bother to do so on the subject of a shape. Besides, the conditioning schools employ is specifically centered around causing students to forgo independent observation or thought, and to, instead, default to the word of authority. I find this very interesting because not only do most (if not all) flat-Earth presenters omit this fact, they use this exact same method that schools use. They themselves seem to depend upon their audience blindly trusting their words (or the applicability of supposed proof) without ever bothering to question the validity thereof. In light of this, one has to wonder... Is this supposed shape deception by schools actual or fictitious?
Many times, manipulative and dishonest people will use accusation as a divertive countermeasure. In other words they will use accusation as a method of diverting the attention of their audience away from themselves, helping the liar to avoid being discovered, but in their moment of impromptu self-preservation, they will inadvertently include their own immoral actions in their accusation against the other party (a sort of projection of blame). So the accusation ends up being a form of confession from the dishonest individual. Consequently, it is fairly easy to uncover the true actions of a manipulative person by the accusations they make. I believe this is very important to remember especially when dealing with individuals making accusations without any supporting evidence or logical reasoning behind them. With this in mind, one has to consider... Who has more incentive to condition masses of people with regard to shape?

After an accusation has been made, many flat-Earth presenters will portray themselves as “too smart” to fall for the idea even when that idea was never communicated as deception to begin with. This causes suggestible audience members (who also want to be seen as “smart”) to blindly accept the opinions of the presenter. This is a typical tactic used in astroturf movements, and in mainstream media as well. For example, in news broadcasts, the opinions of the news-readers and commentators are presented as part of the story itself so that the audience will blindly accept the corporately-approved opinions offered. Instead of encouraging the viewers to think for themselves and to responsibly form their own opinion, they are psychologically corralled into believing the entirety of an unproven ideology simply because a small portion of that ideology seems loosely accurate and familiar.

Religious Extremism

It is understandable that every ideology has a central focus, and that that focus has different related subjects to consider. However, when that central focus is both presented as absolutist, and at the same time is based upon a moot point, it is quite possible that manipulation is to blame. Within authentic grassroots movements, different subject matters naturally arise from the community and are considered according to the desired focus of the collective, but within groups such as extremist religions and astroturf-type movements, a one-dimensional focus is typically forced upon the masses. (This focus may be implied or plainly stated as, “There is only one way to the truth, and that is to agree with us.”) In these groups, the desired central focus is presented as ultimately good and flawless, and any opposing idea as well as the source of that idea is portrayed as evil and dangerous. This creates a sort of “God”-verses-”Devil” duality. In the flat-Earth ideology, this would translate to the shape concept being “God”, and NASA (and “their spherical Earth”) being the “Devil”.

What are the Characteristics of a Religious Cult? 

It is common for flat-Earth presenters to assume that the entirety of a message is false simply because a potion of it seems false, or because it does not superficially appear to make sense. Particularly, if information comes from NASA, this information is portrayed as being “nothing but lies”, as NASA is assumed to be incapable of any form of honesty. In the same way, audience members may even be encouraged to arbitrarily disregard the entirety of scientific history, labeling it as “quackery”, even though no evidence is ever presented to prove such an extremist assumption. By dismissing science and history in this way, many flat-Earth presenters attempt to elevate themselves as supreme sources of ultimate truth. This method has also been used by totalitarian regimes throughout history. These regimes also advocated dismissing and/or destroying the entirety of historical records of the cultures they concurred, or completely replacing actual history with their own version. Considering the totalitarian, elitist powers that commonly used these methods, I find it very revealing to find flat-Earth presenters following suit.

Flat-Earth logic applied to trains: "This is not a real train.  It's a model.  Therefor, all trains are fake and all images of trains are deliberate acts of deception."

Flat-Earth logic applied to cars: "All Lamborghini Aventadors are fake."

The fact is that both the real and the fake exist in the same universe.  One does not negate the existence of the other.  Further, models that are true to life are the norm, as true representation is one of the main reasons for creating these models in the first place.  However, flat-Earth logic seems to ignore these facts.

Many flat-Earth presenters assume that the presence of any model or simulated imagery is a definitive sign of intentional deception. They may also assume that if any part of NASA-originated information employs creativity, that the entirety of that presentation is completely false and worthless. They present different models of the Earth, and either imply or plainly state that the mere presentation of the model indicates malicious deception. They typically do this by prefacing the presentation with an obvious statement such as, “This is not the real Earth”. The implication/accusation of deceptive intent is made without ever being proven to be valid. By doing so, these presenters deliberately ignore the reality of the possibility that these are accurate representational models. It is inconsistencies like this that make it apparent that this ideology is not focus on exploring all possibilities, but only presents limited, superficial observations which serve its own interests.

Sound logic can be considered to be any principle that can be applied to more than one situation. In order to test any logical principle, all we need to do is to see if there are any other situations to which that principle applies. If there are more exceptions to the principle than there are rules to it, the logic is not sound. In that case, the principle is the exception, and the majority of situations should be considered the rule.

So lets take a look at the flat-Earth, foundational thought process. “NASA tells lies. NASA said a, b, and c. Therefore a, b, and c are lies.” This is a fair proposition to consider, but lets see how many exceptions there are. Let's take a look at some other things NASA has said. The following excerpt comes from a NASA study concerning the needs of the human body.

“Humans have a few basic needs for survival. These include energy sources (food, plants, the Sun), nutrients, water, oxygen and a moderate temperature. Humans also need protection from poisonous gases and high levels of radiation. Food gives us energy. When we eat food, some components of food are broken down into sugar for energy.”

Remember, “NASA says nothing but lies”. Therefore, since this information comes from NASA, it must be all lies. In which case, humans don't have basic needs. We don't need food, plants, or the sun. We don't need nutrients, water, or oxygen, or moderate temperature. Nor do we need any protection from poisonous gasses or high levels of radiation.

According to flat-Earth logic, this is the statement they make when they say that “NASA tells only lies”. Does this sound like sound logic to you? I would hope not. NASA's lies are not universal. It honestly seems rash and immature to propose that they are. Determining the difference between truth and lies takes personal effort, as opposed to simply letting Youtube think for one's self.

The logical among us know that the fact of a lie, by itself, does not at all reveal the exact truth. If the possibility of a lie exists, complete proof will be present to establish the fact. If truth exists, the respective proof will be present as well, but many flat-Earth presenters seem to ignore this logic and, instead, use this fostered distrust of NASA to inject their prefabricated conclusions into the minds of their audience members.  In this way, these presenters play the role of agents provocateurs, contorting their audience's original, open-minded curiosity into closed-minded extremism by presuming that what may be nothing more than a slight overgeneralization of shape is actually an all out shape-deception campaign. This provocation causes certain audience members to flock in a direction they had no original interest in.  (Click the link for more information on agents provocateurs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agent_provocateur)

It does not at all matter from where an image comes. Even if an image or model originates from NASA (an organization which typically shows signs of dishonesty), thorough examination and consideration must be applied in order to determine the true nature of the material. Intelligent discernment does not base any conclusion solely upon the origin of the information. The fact is that truthful people sometimes lie, and liars sometimes tell the truth. Jumping to conclusions helps no one (unless there are cabal interests manipulating the message behind the scenes in the hopes of ensnaring suggestible people with disinformation. This disinformation may even appear to be trustworthy, new-age revelation at first glance, but in reality, it could be something else entirely. In this scenario, your jumping to conclusions would be very “helpful”. ...just not for you).

Superficiality and Materialism

The flat-Earth thought process encourages people to forgo thorough consideration, and to, instead, form preclusions before they have made any individual effort to observe and understand the world around them. For the mentally awake and mature, the process of observing, discerning, processing, and evaluating visual and sensory input is a vital part of independent and responsible learning. There are those within cabal-controlled media who know this, and it is these people who seek to short circuit this process before their unsuspecting audience catches on. They do this by encouraging observations which are superficial, at best, instead of encouraging the thorough investigation that the situation deserves.

Flat-Earth ideology focuses solely on the immediately tangible world, keeping the viewer attentive only upon the superficial (namely, that which is advantageous to the ideology). Along with this, it assumes that the human eye and mind have no limitation to their range of perception and processing. Much like mainstream media, the audience is expected to take their visual experience for face value. What is it we have seen? We have seen two plains hitting two towers and several Arabs being blamed. We've seen the U.S. go to war multiple times for “good reasons”. We've seen numerous mass shootings by “clearly insane people” with “no ties to the FBI or CIA at all”. We've seen two kids bomb the finish line at a marathon because “that's what violent Arabs do”. We see a lot of things, but any intelligent person will know that there is much more to life than a superficial, visual experience is capable of revealing.
The typical method of thought manipulation within cabal-control media is to offer up a limited and bias perspective while depicting that perspective as complete and impartial. These media sources offer their controlling perspective as absolute, dismissing any and all forms of disagreement, while either discouraging further observation, or encouraging superficial observation so that the viewer will never see the entirety of evidence, and possibly uncover the reality behind the lies. Many times, I have observed flat-Earth presenters doing the exact same thing.

The unspoken message of the cabal and their media is that, “What you see is what you get. There is nothing more to know.” So when we are lied to about a terrorist act or a false flag event, we are expected to believe it. In the same way, flat-Earth presenters may say, “I see a flat horizon”. We, the audience members, are expected to response with the usual statement, “Then that is exactly what there is. Your (the presenter's) authoritative observation will be the basis of my entire mindset from this point forward”.

Propagandistic Methods in Communication

The presentations which support this flat-Earth ideology have a way of combining different subject matters such as NASA, the moon landing, environmental destruction, and others, and pretends that the shape-of-the-Earth concept (which is basically an image of the United Nations logo) is the primary, logical link which ties the entirety together. This can be accomplished by simply repeating the shape-of-the-Earth belief after each subject is discussed. This gives the impression that there is some logical link between the flat-Earth concept and the other conspiracy theories presented. However this logic is flawed, as each conspiracy theory stands on its own. Not one of them depends at all on what shape the Earth is in order to be valid. I propose that there is, in fact, another reason for this repetition.

This method of repetition is typically used within manipulative media in order to indoctrinate the viewer into an ideology they would not otherwise agree with. Before watching a video, the individual might have an interest in potential conspiracies, but would not at all care what shape the Earth was. After viewing what can be likened to a “flat-Earth recruitment video”, they will then be adamantly fixated on this idea of Earth's shape as the central focus of all subjects of new information.  This is a common effect of recruitment propaganda.  (For more information on propaganda, click here.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propaganda)
In this way, flat-Earth presenters employ the “Problem-Reaction-Solution” method, combining actual problems with imaginary problems, reacting by claiming that they are “too smart” to fall for supposed deception, and then presenting a solution which is not a solution at all, but only consists of a change in the Earth's shape. It is at this point that the pattern of cabal methodology becomes evident.

Disinformation, Motive, and Tactics

The flat-Earth presenters list a series of problems, but make little or no effort to determine any cause or solution for them. They simply focus on the problems themselves and then fictitiously presents the shape-of-the-Earth concept (which, again, is based upon the United Nations logo) as the sole, logical linking factor. This shape, in fact has no bearing on the situation at all. The cause (as both the alternative media and some mainstream media sources reveal) is the banking cabalists and financial manipulators of the world. These people manipulate governments, geo-economics, the sciences, education, corporations, the environment, and at times, the truth movement. (This is not at all to say that there are no reliable sources of information. Quite the contrary, however no one with true maturity in discernment will need any source to be 100 percent perfect in order to be reliable.) Just about every aspect of our lives and the planet are, in some way, manipulated for the selfish gain of these few, yet flat-Earth ideology rarely discusses them, if ever. Don't you find it just a little bit odd, how a system of beliefs could go through so much trouble to mention all of these problems, and instead of focusing on their common cause and possible solutions, chooses to focus on a shape?
If you know anything about the mass disclosure occurring at this time, you will know that this cabal is doing everything they can to stifle it, if not stop it entirely. They don't want us all to know that it was they who orchestrated the whole situation for their own benefit, and to our detriment. It is in every interest of theirs to acquit themselves of any wrong-doing so that they can avoid accountability and punishment. This desire for the illusion of innocence would serve as quite the motive for creating a divertive, fictitious grassroots movement. By creating an ideology that attracted the people who were most likely to discover the truth behind their crimes and conspiracies, and distract them by concentrating their attention upon an inconsequential concept, this cabal could divert the focus of the masses away from their own guilt. While the truth movement was focused on a shape, this cabal could escape without anyone knowing it was they who were the true link among the entirety of conspiracies. This would be a definitive motive to lay astroturf among the truth movement, and to call it “flat-Earth”.

Another reason why cabal interests may attempt to lay astroturf in this way would be to discredit the truth movement. The cabal has already successfully used the “conspiracy theorist” term as well as other derogatory language to degrade truth-seekers, but this technique has recently been loosing its bite. The masses are beginning to wake up to the fact that many apparent “conspiracy theories” were “conspiracy fact” all along. Given this lack of effectiveness, it would be a very useful tactic of this cabal to adapt by creating an ideology that would be visibly laughable to the general population in order to discourage them from listening to the conspiracy theorists any further. By injecting a 13th century superstition into the minds of suggestible truth seekers, this cabal could very effectively control and stagnate the spread of vital truth.

These cabal interests have often used disinformation in their attempts to derail the truth movement. This tactic has been more effective, as many newly-awakening souls have not yet discovered the importance of discernment, the practices required of mental responsibility, and in certain cases, even the realities of these concepts at all. If any accusation is made, the suggestible will assume that it is completely valid. If an alternative to mainstream is given, these people will automatically assume that it is accurate without ever questioning the source thereof. Many of these newly-awakened souls (along with those who are still asleep) still have the conditioned inclination to default to the highest authority as the source of unquestionable information. This inclination also involves blind submission to common opinion, and bandwagon conformity, which typically leads the suggestible masses away from actual truth.

This blind conformity, as well as this urge to default to apparent authority is a conditioned response. The cabal elitists know this, as it is they who are responsible for the conditioning. Consequently, they know exactly how to exploit it, and typically use mainstream media to reinforce the conditioning which the school system initiates. As long as this or any medium follows the predetermined formula for believability, they can concoct any story they wish, and the sleeping masses will believe it wholeheartedly. This makes it a relatively easy task to divert those attempting to uncover the truth. This is the fate of those who choose to remain asleep. However, it is up to each individual to decide to wake up and to fully see their world as well as themselves for what they truly are.

Final Thought on Awakening

The process of awakening is a natural, gradual, and inevitable process of human evolution. However, this awakening process also requires effort, and willful intent to progress. This development must happen in its own time, according to the free will of the individual undergoing the change. It is important to take care of one's self during these times of awakening and potential advancement, as there are many forces that can stifle this natural progression.

In the past, higher knowledge was passed to humankind which was found to be priceless, but due to successful manipulation by a deceptive elite, that knowledge was, perverted, fractured, and dissolved into various cults and religions. Consequently, the power of these truths to spark lasting change and awakening was rendered impotent. The purpose of this article is to reveal the tactics of the present-day, elitist disinformation artists, so that they are unable to pervert the mass awakening in modern times. Hopefully, at this point, we can clearly see their tactics of deceit and perversion of otherwise honorable pursuits for truth.
In my overall opinion, there are too many cheap cabal tricks employed by the message of most flat-Earth presentations for me to consider it reliable. The ideology is so heavily saturated with numerous tactics of manipulation that I cannot honestly take it seriously. Wherever the idea a flat Earth is promoted, one can be sure that such manipulation will eventually be used. The bottom line is that honest and reliable sources respect the universal law of free will. No one who honors this universal law needs manipulation at all, as they have found better and higher means of communication and interaction. Truth requires no manipulation, but lies depend upon it, and in my experience, these flat-Earth presenters rely upon this manipulation as their main go-to method of persuasion. I am of the opinion that if any person or group is unable to respect and heed to such a foundational and elementary concept as free will, they are not to be trusted with much else.

To add to the manipulation factor, the inconsequential nature of the shape focus convinces me that my time is best left to more pertinent matters. I do admit that for a short time, the mental exercise of changing the Earth's shape seemed interesting, but again, there are many matters more pressing than this mental exercise. I do believe that the more honest side of the flat-Earth community to have the correct idea in asking questions in order to uncover truth behind the issues and possible conspiracies of our day. I am of the belief that there is much to discover about ourselves and the universe around us. This, of course, includes the ground beneath our feet. There is much to learn, but to assume that everything we believe we know is “all lies”, and then to replace these “lies” with an absolutist belief system based on a materialistic and inconsequential concept, is irrational. A sound process of research and discovery requires more effort than this mental conformity to a number of Youtube videos.

It would be more productive, I believe, if solutions to the issues of our day were the main focus of attention, as opposed to a shape. Each and every one of these issues is connected in some way. (...and yes, they are all located on planet Earth, but this does not at all mean that a shape is the key to solving them all.) I also believe it would be a very wise decision for those who hold this ideology to first learn the various and numerous disinformation tactics of the cabal so that their learning process can progress unhindered. If there were one key, positive aspect of these presentations, it would be that they clearly reveal many of these disinformation tactics to us, and we now have a better idea of what to watch out for.

The facts seem to reveal that these flat-Earth presentations communicate a cabal message which employs cabal logic. This usually becomes obvious when we look beyond the message and examine the method as well. These presentations employ known methods of psychological manipulation, using the audience's ignorance, naivete, psychological dependency, and their thirst for new information against them. They combine truth with lies, consistency with inconsistency, and assume that no one has the ability to decipher between these. They have multiple characteristics of astroturf—a fictitious grassroots movement designed to divert, distract, discredit, and ultimately divide the masses of awakening souls. When viewing such media, you, the viewer, are not supposed to think. Just like mainstream media, your job as obedient audience members is to look at the screen and to nod your head “yes”. You, the reader, are welcome to believe whatever you like, but I will encourage you to do so responsibly, after gaining complete knowledge, avoiding false knowledge, and refraining from jumping to conclusions based upon any Youtube video.

After reading this, it is important to realize that this article serves as my personal process of discernment. If it proves to be of value to anyone, I am grateful, but I do not, at all, expect any reader to take it for face value. Consider the information you have read. Study and look for these disinformation tactics, and see for yourself if what I have written here rings true. ...And always remember that your thought process and pursuit for truth is up to you. Happy searches.

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  1. Thank you for your hard work! The struggle for the hearts and minds of people is not only on earth but in heaven! Cabal so Sophisticated manipulation in our consciousness that simply you wonder! I wish all the people of the planet earth light thoughts! Do not fall for the tricks of manipulators! Treat with care and love for our planet and other people. Respect their faith. Our bright future waiting for all of us to come. And it will come soon, it depends only on us!

  2. This is by far the most valuable advice for anyone seeking truth that I have seen. The flat earth ideology seems to be permeating every chat on any topic, and I refuse to be bullied into a belief system. I was recently asked a
    where I stand on the shape of the earth, to which I replied that I currently had no means to verify with my own independent eyes, and honestly do not care at this time. Such entertainment of possible scenarios without the ability to prove or disprove is mind clutter. Should these circumstances change I would be happy to re engage the question. Until then, I continue to question all things. Thanks for this very valuable perspective.