Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Relations from Inner Earth

This week's episode of Cosmic Disclosure consisted of Corey Goode and David Wilcock discussing Corey's journey to inner Earth. In his account, Goode walks us through his arrival, his experience thereupon, the environment and the people that greeted him. He also discusses the structures of this inner world, the immaculate architecture there, and the gatherings of inhabitants that took place upon his arrival.

In listen to Corey's description of these events, it was apparent how memorable and significant these experiences were for him. One particular event was actually covered in previous writings. However, it was a good refresher to hear him speak on the subject first hand. I'm talking, of course, about his 'mind-meld' experience with one particular priestess from inner Earth.

As Goode described the experience, I was attempting to recall any similar situation I may have had in my personal life, but, as expected, I don't have any quite as profound as this. I have, however, had what you might call psychic interactions with a number of people around me with whom I have significant connections, but nothing quite like sharing memories, as Corey described here.

In his account, Goode recalls childhood memories passed from mind to mind during this connection. Corey recalled how he witnessed the childhood of the priestess, and she was able to see and experience his childhood memories as well. I would think that any one of us would have been overwhelmed by such an monumental experience, and according to Goode, that was his exact reaction.

This episode of Cosmic Disclosure gave a hopeful view of what we, as ascending humanity, have to look forward to with regard to new abilities, as well as new beings with whom we can connect in the near future. I look forward to next week to see what Corey and David have to offer.

Click on the link below to watch this week's episode of Cosmic Disclosure.

(Keep in mind that you will need to have an account in order to view these full episodes, but Gaia TV does allow a free week trial period to let viewers decide if they would like to continue their subscription. Personally, I enjoy Gaia TV more than Netflix and Hulu combined, as the programming actually contributes lasting value to its audience as apposed to simple entertainment.)


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