Saturday, January 30, 2016

Announcement: International, Group Meditation Sundays, 7 pm GMT

Positive, momentous, and ground-breaking change on planet Earth is what many if not all of us would like to see immediately, if not sooner. This is completely understandable, as there are countless aspects of both our individual and collective lives that need improvement. War, hunger, starvation, death, corporate greed, terrorism, and much more can come to a screeching halt, and change for the better when we as a collective community choose to intervene. When any group comes together with the same intent and emotion, that group will naturally amplify that intent and emotion, and accomplish their goal. In meditation, this increased collective potential is known as the “meditation effect”.

To read about the meditation effect, click the links below.

Meditation, Manifestation, and the Maharishi Effect

Meditation reduces terrorism dramatically.

A list of health benefits and more...

We all have the ability, if we so choose, to come together, to share the same positive productive, and transformative intent to change this world for the better. There is no travel involves, it's free, and open to everyone. All a person has to do is to plan to sit down, relax, and think happy thoughts. Yes, it sounds really easy, maybe even too good to be true, but it's not.

In physics, this practice utilizes the concept of “sympathetic induction of resonant frequency”, but what does this mean in English? Simply put, it means when a a certain object vibrates at a certain frequency, all of the other material around it, made of the same “stuff” will begin to vibrate at that same frequency.
(One thing to note, we as human beings and generally made out of the same “stuff”. This means that emotional sympathy may not simply be an emotion. It may, in fact, be a transfer of energy.)

Click the link below for more on sympathetic resonance.

On the ELF range (or the extremely low frequency range), when we meditate as a group, we transfer physical energy into the world around us. Consequently, our collective, positive emotions can begin to affect the people around us, to affect our life experience, and can ultimately change the physical world around us. To do this in the most positive and life-honoring way possible is our goal each Sunday at 7 pm GMT. You can convert 7 pm GMT to your local time zone at the link below.

Come join us. Take the time to relax, and choose to think and feel in the most positive way, and as you do, watch our world make a quantum leap.

Click the link below for the details.

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